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Szucs, who is originally from Hungary but currently resides in Santiago, Chile, also shared with me where the inspiration for Dick Code originally came from, his thoughts on the politics of dick pics especially involving straight men sending unwanted images to womenhis upcoming plans for Vagina Code and Sex Code apps and more.

Trade dick pics

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Where did the idea for Dick Code come from? I received a picture from a friend with drawn penises where you could choose the right one for you.

I Trade dick pics it was incomplete and too complicated to communicate the result. I immediately thought it could be a great web app, especially if I put my kinkiness in it as well. Do you intend for people to really use it when communicating with others online?

Or is it more of an art or conversation piece? I wanted a simple, handy tool that enables people to communicate more about their sexual features. What are your personal thoughts about the politics of dick pics?

Now you can exchange dick codes too. Do you think that dick pics work differently among gay men versus non-gay people? How do you think women feel about this and do you think straight men would use Dick Code? Based on the feedback so far, I believe that girls use it to describe their favorite dick.

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What has the response been? What are people saying?

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They are laughing a lot while still sharing features they never talked about before. And the most amazing part is that people who created and shared their dick code tell me how surprisingly positive the responses are.

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And of course, girls keep asking for the V[agina] Code. Vagina Code and Sex Code. The latter will be basically about sex positions and games.