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Salt lick recipe deer

Porn FuckBook Salt lick recipe deer.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Do any of you guys have any salt lick recipies you could share? The deer cane works good but that gets expensive. If you have any ideas please share.

Artificial mineral or salt licks...

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Jerry has the grand daddy lick. Originally Posted by jamaro. I am going to have the biggest squirrels you guys have ever seen!!!! Join Date Dec Posts Use ice cream salt rock salt.

Official salt lick recipe deer porn fuckbook

Put it inthe middle of a deer trail. By the time season comes in it will have disolved into the ground and the deer will be eating the dirt.

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We use basically the same recipe that Cornfed uses except we also add 10 lbs of dried mollasses to the mix. You'll have a huge hole in no time. Later we just switched to trace mineral salt rust colored in 50 bags.

We would pour the whole bag on the ground in one spot and with-in a year there was a large hole in the ground from then on we just added a bag or two Salt lick recipe deer year. I've tried regular salt blocks but have actually seen deer spook from them at times and other times they Salt lick recipe deer bother them at all, so we stuck with the loose stuff which melted into the ground fairly quickly in the midwest where we got plenty of rain.

Back in Ohio guys used to take burlap sack and fill them with water softener pellets and hang them from a tree about 8 feet up.

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When it rained it'd drip on the ground and the deer would tear it up. BTW I know its illegal to do this in Ohio, but I used to see it all the time in the area where I used to squirrel hunt.

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They were usually to high for me to take down so I'd let the warden know when I ran into him. Cornfed, What is "Stock salt, ice cream salt"?

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Is there another name for it? The feed stores I called didn't have it or didn't know what it is. Originally Posted by tbailey. Join Date Mar Location nova scotia Posts 1, For a good salt lick,try a big bag of rock-salt.

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