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When an aries man is done with you

Naked FuckBook When an aries man is done with you.

Everyone knows people handle romantic breakups in different ways, but did you know the way a person deals with a breakup is in large part related to their Sun sign? An Aries man is a passionate, assertive, straightforward, me first guy.

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He excels at starting romantic relationships but has difficulty staying the course. So, how does an Aries man deal with his many breakups?

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There are no subtleties about an Aries man; he wants what he wants when he wants it, and when he says it's over, it's over, at least for the time being. An Aries man is not hard to read.

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He won't beat around the bush, mince words, or ignore a woman. Nor will he give much thought to a woman's feelings.

However when all is said...

He'll say what he wants to say and then cut and run. His callous, all about me attitude can cut a woman to the bone.

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It can leave her reeling and desperately trying to process just what went wrong as he turns his back on her, quickly walks out the door, and moves on to a new romance. Of course, if she wants him back and plays her cards right, an Aries man is also one of the easiest guys to get back together with because to an Aries, love is forever renewable regardless of what happened in the past. An Aries man will never admit he cares when a woman ends her relationship with him, but he does.

Underneath his brash nature is an underlying lack of confidence and a wounded child-like man who fears he may be unworthy of love. So when a woman breaks up with him, he'll make every effort to save face by trying to convince her and everyone around him he's doing just fine.

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When dumped, an Aries man can get ugly. He'll yell, call the woman unkind things and as she walks out the door, he'll shout, "Don't let the door hit you on your way out! When hurt, the games an Aries man plays can be downright cruel. He's likely to throw all the rules of breakup etiquette out the window and into his ex-lover's face. However when all is said and done, an Aries man has a short attention span, will convince himself it was him that dumped her, and move on.

Don't bother walking away or to stop answering his calls, emails, or texts. That will only spark an Aries man's competitive nature, and he'll come chasing after you. So, unless you're a woman who doesn't mind harsh words and can ignore hurtful games, breaking up with an Aries man will take some foresight and planning.

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