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Who is the patron saint of hope

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Judealso known as Judas Thaddaeus [4] Greek: He is sometimes identified with Jude, the brother of Jesusbut is clearly distinguished from Judas Iscariotthe apostle who betrayed Jesus prior to his crucifixion.

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Judas Thaddaeus became known as Jude after early translators of the New Testament from Greek into English sought to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot and subsequently abbreviated his forename. In the Roman Catholic Churchhe is the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes. Saint Jude's attribute is a club.

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He is also often shown in icons with a flame around his head. This represents his presence at Pentecostwhen he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles.

In some instances, he may be shown with a scroll or a book the Epistle of Jude or holding a carpenter's rule. Jude is clearly distinguished from Judas Iscariotanother apostle and later the betrayer of Jesus. In most Bibles in languages other than English and French, Jude and Judas are referred to by the same name. The Who is the patron saint of hope two are almost always thought to be the same person, [9] although theologian Raymond Brown saw the identification as uncertain.

Translations into English from the original Greek of the New Testament vary in their rendering of Luke 6: A literal translation of the references to Jude in these passages gives "Jude of James", as in Young's Literal Translation of the Bible, but scholars differ on whether this means "Jude, brother of James" or "Jude, son of James".

The King James and the Douay-Rheims versions call him "Judas the brother of James", making him the same person as the writer of the Epistle of Judewho identifies himself as "Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James" Jude 1: Protestant scholar Darrell L. Bock writes that it must mean "son" not "brother", because when "brother" is intended, the Greek word for "brother" adelphos is present.

Opinion is divided on whether Jude the apostle was also Jude, brother of Jesusthe traditional author of the Epistle of Jude. According to the surviving fragments of the work Exposition of the Sayings of the Lord of the Apostolic Father Papias of Hierapoliswho lived c.

Mary the wife of Cleophas or Alphaeus, who was the mother of James the bishop and apostle, and of Simon and Thaddeus, and of one Joseph In the apostolic lists at Matthew This has led many Christians since early times to harmonize the lists by positing a "Jude Thaddeus", known by either name. This is made plausible by the fact that "Thaddeus" seems to be a nickname see Thaddeus and that many New Testament figures have multiple names such as Simon Peter and Joseph Barnabas. A further Who is the patron saint of hope is the fact that the name "Judas" was tarnished by Judas Iscariot.

It has been argued that for this reason it is unsurprising that Mark and Matthew refer to him by an alternate name. Some Biblical scholars reject this theory, however, holding that Jude and Thaddeus did not represent the same person.

Thaddeus, one of the twelve apostles, is often indistinguishable from Thaddeus of Edessaone of the Seventy Disciples. In some Latin manuscripts of Matthew According to the Golden Legendwhich is a collection of hagiographiescompiled by Jacobus de Varagine in the thirteenth century:. This Judas was called by many names.

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He was said Judas James, for he was brother to James the Less, and he was called Thaddeus, which is as much to say as taking a prince; or Thadee is said of Thadea, that is a vesture, and of Deus, that is God, for he was vesture royal of God by ornament of virtues, by which he took Christ the prince.

The legend reports that St. Jude was Who is the patron saint of hope into a Jewish family in Paneasa town in Galilee later rebuilt during the Roman period and renamed Caesarea Philippi.

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In all probability he spoke both Greek and Aramaiclike almost all of his contemporaries in that area, and was a farmer by trade. According to the legend, St. Although Saint Gregory the Illuminator is credited as the "Apostle to the Armenians", when he baptized King Tiridates III of Armenia inconverting the Armenians, the Apostles Jude and Bartholomew are traditionally believed to have been the first to bring Christianity to Armeniaand are therefore venerated as the patron saints of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Linked to this tradition is the Saint Thaddeus Monastery now in northern Iran and Saint Bartholomew Monastery now in southeastern Turkey which were both constructed in what was then Armenia. Tradition holds that Jude the Apostle was vegetarian. According to tradition, Saint Jude suffered martyrdom about 65 AD in Beirutin the Roman province of Syriatogether with the apostle Simon the Zealotwith whom he is usually connected.

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The axe that he is often shown holding in pictures symbolizes the way in which he was killed. Sometime after his death, Saint Jude's body was brought from Beirut to Rome and placed in a crypt in St. Peter's Basilica which was visited by many devotees. Now his bones are in the left transept of St. Peter's Basilica under the main altar of St.

The Letter of Jude

Joseph in one tomb with the remains of the apostle Simon the Zealot. According to another popular tradition, the remains of St. Jude were preserved in an Armenian monastery on an island in the northern part of Issyk-Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan at least until the midth century.

Later legends either deny that the remains are preserved there or claim that they were moved to a yet more desolate stronghold in the Pamir Mountains. Jude is traditionally depicted carrying the image of Jesus in his hand or close to his chest, betokening the legend of the Image of Edessarecorded in apocryphal correspondence between Jesus and Abgar which is reproduced in Eusebius ' History Ecclesiastica, I, xiii.

With the letter he sent his envoy Hannanthe keeper of the archives, offering his own home city to Jesus as a safe dwelling place.

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The envoy painted a likeness of Jesus with choice paints or alternatively, impressed with Abgar's faith, Jesus pressed his face into a cloth and gave it to Hannan to take to Abgar with his answer. Upon seeing Jesus' image, the king placed it with great honor in one of Who is the patron saint of hope palatial houses. Astonished, he converted to Christianityalong with many of the people under his rule. Jude is often depicted with a flame above his head, representing his presence at Pentecost, when he was said to have received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles.

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According to tradition, after his martyrdom, pilgrims came to his grave to pray and many of them experienced the powerful intercessions of St. Thus the title, 'The Saint for the Hopeless and the Despaired'.

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Bridget of Sweden and St. Bernard had visions from God asking each to accept St. Jude as 'The Patron Saint of the Impossible'. The Order of Preachers better known as the Dominicans began working in present-day Armenia soon after their founding in At that time, there was already a substantial devotion to Saint Jude by both Catholic and Orthodox Christians in the area. This lasted until persecution drove Christians from the area in the 18th century. Devotion to Saint Jude began again in earnest in the 19th century, starting in Italy and Spainspreading to South Americaand finally to the United States starting in the vicinity of Chicago owing to the influence of the Who is the patron saint of hope and the Dominicans in the s.

Among some Roman Catholics, Saint Jude is venerated as the " patron saint of lost causes".

This practice stems from the belief that few Christians invoked him for misplaced fear of praying to Christ's betrayer, Judas Iscariotbecause of their similar names. The ignored Jude thus supposedly became quite eager to assist anyone who sought his help, to the point of interceding in the most dire of circumstances. The Church also wanted to encourage veneration of this "forgotten" apostle, and maintained that Saint Jude would intercede in any lost cause to prove his sanctity and zeal for Christ.

His Who is the patron saint of hope patronages include desperate situations and hospitals. One of his namesakes is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennesseewhich has helped many children with terminal illnesses and their families since its founding in Many countries venerate the Apostle Jude and have constructed shrines or churches dedicated to his memory.

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The National Shrine of St. Jude in Chicago, Illinois was founded in by the Claretian Missionaries. The Nationwide Center of St. Jude Devotions [37] in Baltimore was founded in by the Pallottines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see St. Apostle Jude by Anthony van Dyck.

But in the course of time it came to be called Caesarea Philippi, and later still, when the heathen erected in it a statue of the God Pan, its name was changed to Paneas. Retrieved 27 May Saints and Their Symbols: Recognizing Saints in Art and in Popular Images. Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 19 October Archived from the original on 15 October Domestic Church Communications Ltd.

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BockLuke, volume 1, 1: The Brethren of the Lord". Exposition of the Sayings of the Lord.