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Hookup after divorce in your 20s

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Remember back in high school, when your mom a stickler for always being early dropped you off at your first Legit Party?

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Like, 20 minutes before it started? The awkwardness was palpable, and could be cut with a knife. You, sitting alone on the couch, death gripping your red solo cup, mortified and so thoroughly aware of how lame you looked.

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Divorcing in your 20s is kind of like that. Thankfully, there are some benefits of jumping the marriage ship at a young age. The facts of something divorce, in a nutshell:.

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Those jerk buddies of his that never really liked you much? A less than easy loss.

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Your idea of a partner is clear; your desire to settle has dwindled considerably since signing your name to those legally binding documents. You do not want history repeating itself.

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So, the good news. Youth is on your side, the ocean is full of fish, and you are in charge of where to swim.

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Their interests, calendar, TV show preferences, all revolve around their spouses. And while they may be happy more power to them, if somy lack of self was a big part of my decision to part ways with my ex-husband. I needed me back, and I got her back.

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So, embrace the first few minutes at that party. Have a gander at your surroundings, get comfortable on the couch, and sip chug on that adult beverage.

It may feel scary as hell and equally as lonely, but just know the feelings are temporary.

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The end of a marriage...

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More From Thought Catalog. Children With Divorced Parents.

I learned what love isn't.

Get our newsletter every Friday! Divorced at 27, I shamefully became the statistic I fought so hard not to be. I've looked desperately for blogs, articles, whatever to help me understand how I'm. After the initial flurry of excitement at the prospect of meeting someone new that that connection must not just be between you and your potential new partner I divorced in my twenties when my two boys were just toddlers.

The end of a marriage is never easy, but when you're young, divorce can present some unexpected hurdles. Here, three men open up about.

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