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Is going out alone weird

Naked Gallery Is going out alone weird.

I did a crazy thing last Saturday night. After working on my new apartment most of the evening, I got all dressed up at Truth is, I do a lot of things alone right now. Most of whom are married Is going out alone weird kids, which leaves very little options on a Saturday night.

There are times when it feels great, but more often than not, I worry: Think of all the new people you'll meet," I encouraged her to think differently about the opportunity.

How can you expect to ever meet anyone new if you always go to the same places, with the same people?

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Temporary discomfort -- it's a necessary evil in the quest for new opportunities and relationships. There's so much I want to see in this great new city, and like Karyn Polewaczyk writes in XO Jane"rather than revel in paranoia about what people might think about me rolling solo into a party, I've realized that life doesn't Is going out alone weird require a flock of females by my side.

It's easy to get and want to stay comfortable in patterns that no longer serve us, but it's also up to us to make change happen. If you want different you have to DO different thank you, Dr.

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We have to push ourselves. I know I need to go out and create a life for myself -- which is hard enough to do working 60 hours a week. I'm exhausted and usually recovering on the weekends.

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So pushing myself to get all dolled up to stand, drink in my hand, alone all in the hopes that I'll find some nice guys to dance with seemed -- well, daunting to say the least. But Saturday night I had no excuse -- I'd been off all week and could sleep in the next day.

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Plus, I desperately need more balance in my life and have committed to more dancing and writing in I'm not gonna lie, for the first half hour or so I stood at the bar, vodka soda in hand, watching what looked like nothing but couples dance and grind on the dance floor. The "demon" voice in my head started to slither its way into my brain:.

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How pathetic are you, standing here, alone -- waiting, hoping for someone to ask you to dance? I felt so stupid, and yes -- old. I got all dressed up, full makeup and hair, to stand here -- music blaring among a bunch of somethings.

But as a dancer, I know that all it takes is one good dance to get the other dancers to notice and POW -- I'm being asked to dance the rest of the night. And like magic, the room opened up to me. First, the girl next to me asked nicely in Spanish if I was here "solo" -- and we started talking.

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Boom -- I didn't feel so alone. Then I saw that the guy on the other side of me, dressed head to toe in red, was moving -- just dying to dance.