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He still checks his dating profile

Porn archive He still checks his dating profile.

You need to open up more communication with him and talk to him about things such as him being on other dating siteshe could be a player you don't know but you deserve the right to know or not what type of guy he is like cause i believe if he cares he would be off of other dating sites and concentrate on you and him.

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Thank you so much for your response Granted we have only been dating a week, and it seems as though most of his time has been given to me although I can't be positive. It's hard to say he's a player but there stands a great chance if he continues to want talk to other girls, i don't think he's ready to settle down and also maybe he's not sure of himself is what it seems like too.

He is starting to give off the player vibe honestly I was skeptical about dating online because I figured guys use it to meet a lot of different girls, and dating a guy who has that many profiles just doesn't sit well with me. Which is unfortunate because i truly do like him and enjoy spending time with him, and want to pursue a relationship with him but am still weary of doing so.

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Yeah i would follow whatever your heart tells you. It sounds like he could possibly be a player and or he doesn't want to settle down with you i wish i could say online dating isn't let down but I've come across so much from online dating and let downs myself that is why I always watch what girl i communicate with cause i want something that is for real and i want a committed relationship.

I hope this works out for you and wish you best.

I met my guy online. After we started dating, which was after a month, we mutually agreed on deactivating our accounts.

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We had a talk about that to keep things clear and out in the open. I suggest you talk to him about this as well.

You need to ask where your place is. Thank you for your response, do you think it would be best if I wait it out a little longer as you did and then have a talk about it? I think he has to decide who he likes most.

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I mean, before all kinds of feelings get involved which is too late already I think. Talk again and ask him to make a choice. Haha I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing, at least not for what I'm looking for I guess.

But thanks for your answer regardless.