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Condoms girth dick size

Sexy Video Condoms girth dick size.

Every now and then I get a new comment on one of my posts and in most cases a visitor is asking for a condom recommendation, giving his penis circumference and length. You can use the figures below as a guidance, but be sure to do your own research as well.

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First hand experience will always be the best judge. Then go with the closest you can find. Some of you might be interested to know how I got these numbers.

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If we take an average penis girth of 4. Please read this post for more details. Very informative, I was puzzling over the answer to this.

Thank you for writing this article! When I looked up condoms and their sizes, I found this informative site, and realized something: So how tight is adequately tight, and how much is too loose to be safe?

I had no idea, he less so.

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Thank you for ending the mystery with proper sexual education, my good man! What if the circumference is 7 inches…do they do larger ones for that? I tend to get an either dark purple, or blood-drained … erm, member due to poor circulation du to the ones I get. Not comfortable, or attractive. I have a length of 6. All the condoms I see that Condoms girth dick size fit my girth are much longer than what I need. Is it okay for the condom to be longer than what I need?

What are some good choices for me? It would be better if the length fits as well, of course, but the correct width should be the number one priority.

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Thanks for the reply. Are there any condoms that you would recommend to me? I have a girth of about 5 to 5.

Anyone mind telling me what size I should need? My circumference is about 5in and my length is 5. Condoms girth dick size I have a length of about 7 inches and a circumference of 5.

Can I get some suggestions about what condoms I should buy? Hi, I have a length of about 5. You are suggesting a 6. Explain to me your logic….

None of those numbers in the table above make any sense. Jake, you got it all wrong.

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A kid with a 5 inch circumference should use a regular condom — width between 2. For example, your chart states that a guy with a 5.

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Circumference equals diameter times pie 3. This is a recommended condom circumference that would exceed the 5. Am I missing something in my math? Thank you for your work on this.

Let me know if I should try harder to explain the difference between width vs circumference, it seems that this is the most confusing part…. Any chance you guys could help me find the right size? Tried Condoms girth dick size but they still feel really tight. My erect measurements are… Head: What size condom should I wear? I was looking at Durex Comfort XL because of my length and base girth, but most condoms get wider at the head, and my penis is the opposite!

Could a Comfort XL work for me? Durex Comfort XL might be a bit too Condoms girth dick size at the base.

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Sir I have 3. The middle is actually the thickest part of my dick. They all mention head and base thickness. Hi, I am 16 years old and I cant find Condoms girth dick size right condom. Although I know length isnt really that important, my length is around 6 inches and my girth is around mmmm keeps changing everytime i measure probably due to sexual activity, arousal level, etc etc.

Because the girth keeps changing, could you suggest condoms that I should use when it is, etc. I will buy all.

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I had a lot of trouble staying hard with condoms. The average run of the mill condom felt way to tight and would flatten the lip or ridge at the bottom of my head. Magnums I do think are intended for a larger size, Condoms girth dick size they fit me snug enough to stay on.

Most importantly they DO NOT flatten the ridge at the bottom of my head and that has made all the difference.

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