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How to make a women happy

XXX Video How to make a women happy.

Do you want to be the perfect partner for your girlfriend? There is more to making girlfriends happy besides showering them with gifts. Girlfriends need some attention as well. In fact, an emotional connection is more important for many girls than just a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.

This wikiHow will offer advice on how to be the best partner you can be for your girlfriend. If you want to make your girlfriend happy, do romantic things for her like writing her love notes or taking her on a special date. When you're spending time together, hold her hand, give her a hug, or rub her back so she knows you care about her.

Also, genuinely listen to her when she talks to you about things, whether they're good or bad, which will make her happy. At the end of the day, just How to make a women happy to be thoughtful and treat your girlfriend how you'd like her to treat you, which will keep you both happy! Click where you want the koala to move to collect as many leaves as possible.

Girls want guys to show them affection because it tells her that you care about her, and that you're willing to show that love in a public way. It doesn't always have to be public PDAbut get used to the idea, because she wants other people to see how much you love her, so don't be afraid to kiss her or hold her How to make a women happy in public. Tell her she's beautiful and always make eye contact. Eye contact shows you mean what you say.

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When you look away, it will make her question your authenticity, so make eye contact at all times. You have to show her that you mean what you said.

If you're really sincere when you tell her how beautiful she is to you, you're going to go a long way. Also, tell her that she drives you crazy, and that she's the prettiest girl you've ever laid eyes on. Tell her that you've never met anyone like her.

Compliment her on her looks, but also on her accomplishments, talents and abilities. If she's a great poker player, tell her she's smart. If she's a good listener, tell her she's great with other people. Tell her you love her. Make sure you mean it. If you're not ready to go there yet, that's fine.

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But, be sure to switch that "I love you" for a really good "You know how special you are to me? Stick with "I love you," or "You make me so happy," or "I'm really lucky to have you.

These statements make her feel good, and they make her self-confidence soar. Remember, when her self-confidence is high, you benefit.

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Be steady with your signs of love or affection, enough How to make a women happy that she doesn't forget how much you mean to her, but not so much that the power of the words gets watered down.

Touch her regularly and on the spur of the moment. Even the slightest touch can make a woman feel special. Make sure it's a respectful and gentle touch, and not one that's overly sexual or suggestive. Hold her hand, give her a hugrub her back, or gently touch her face.

These gestures will all make her feel protected and loved! Love her like you would want to be loved. There's a time and a place for foreplay, but you're not doing yourself any favors if you go there when she's not ready. Make sure she's totally comfortable before you start exploring your sexual relationship.

Sex does not define a relationship. If you both agree to hold off, show her you adore her by pleasing her in other ways i.

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How to make a women happy love knowing that their man adores their body and all of it. Put her first, yourself second. Put her needs in front of yours. This does not mean that you are weak.

It just means that, most of the time, you're willing to bend for her, even if it was not something you wanted to do. If you believe she is "Ms. Right," then make her your number one priority! They say that love is selfless; you're going to have to prove it to her.

If you're with your friends, never ignore her and start talking with your friends or walk off with them as if she's not there.

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How would you feel if she did this to you? Keep close to her or glance at her every so often just to let her know you know she's still there and offer a genuine smile.

One of the biggest complaints women have about men is that they don't listen. Even if you're not particularly interested in what she's saying, listen, then acknowledge that you were listening.

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Let her know that you are the one that she can talk to about anything. Every woman loves a bit of alone-time with her partner. Book a whole day for the two of you to be alone. Watch a movie, massage her backsnuggle and be intimate. Put How to make a women happy thoughts out of your head and focus completely on her.

You'll notice more of a connection when you do this, and that's what you want. Try to schedule a bit of alone-time with her at least every month or so. Treat her with dignity.

Treating your girl with dignity means treating her the way that you would want to be treated. Don't swear at her, manipulate her, use her for your own benefit, or shoot down her ideas.

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Making her as happy as possible is a goal, so it's not going to happen overnight. But work toward it slowly, and try as hard as you can, even if you don't succeed. Always stand up for her no matter what.

Sticking up for her shows her that you are on her side, and that you're willing to take a public stand for her, which isn't easy. At the same time, don't put yourself in an impossible situation.

If she's having How to make a women happy argument with her parents right in front of you, you probably don't want to take a stand and risk upsetting her parents who might control a lot about her life. Stay out of family matters as much as possible, but give her backup when she asks for it. Don't argue in public and cause a scene. This will humiliate her and you; she'll think twice about going out with you again. Stay calm when you have a fight, try as much as possible not to How to make a women happy your emotions take over, and treat her the way that you want to be treated.

Keep your voice down, don't yell at her, and expect to apologizeeven if you didn't do anything wrong. An apology goes a long way. Also, call her even if she hangs up. Nothing tells a woman "I want this to work" than a simple phone call. Share your everyday events and thoughts with your girl. Being open and communicative makes her feel like you want her in your life.