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Sissy cuckold wimp shoe lick ashtray

Naked FuckBook Sissy cuckold wimp shoe lick ashtray.

In this clip we just generally abuse this foreign loser that is like a huuuge fan of ours and wrote in to us.

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We tell him this to his face too — and he is like SO scared! He totally cannot take it.

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He is such a wimp! So we just beat on him some more and laugh.

So me and Chanel were happy to oblige with that request haha! Then we take a Smoke break while he is hanging there like a piece of meat, and we use his mouth as our personal ashtray. Like, we seriously have NO respect for this piece of human garbage. He screams and begs for mercy like a little bitch as soon as he is hit a few times. We think his screams are kinda funny, actually.

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This one is a great femdom POV smoking human ashtray clip with a lot of foot fetish filmed in floor view! Lady Sofia is sitting comfortable on a chair resting her sexy high arched feet on a footstool.

She orders her slave to kneel beside her for abusing his mouth as an ashtray. She wants him to open his mouth and to stick out his tongue keeping that position all the time. Of course she forces him to swallow the ash!

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Meanwhile Lady Sofia is teasing her audience by playing with her sexy feet wiggling her toes right in front of the cam. Near the end of this great humiliation clip she throws the burning cigarette right in the slave mouth forcing him to Sissy cuckold wimp shoe lick ashtray it. Then she wants him to clean up the floor with his tongue. German language with English subtitles!

I enjoy using male objects in many degrading ways to keep them in their place. The object is tied naked to the deck chair in order to be used as My cushion when I relax outside. Using its mouth as My ashtray amuses Me, but after allowing it to eat My first cigarette I am bored of its face.

So I sit on it, allow it to kiss My leather ass and struggle to breathe beneath Me as I cover its face with My leather ass.

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I am annoyed with its useless dick and balls at the end of My neon stilettos, I light up another smoke. I show the object that its dick and balls do have some use after all — it is amusing to keep its mouth shut with My leather ass as I spit on it and use its dick and balls as My new Sissy cuckold wimp shoe lick ashtray, finishing it off with crushing its ashy dick and burnt balls under My superior sole which it will gratefully lick clean.

Mistress Roberta just moved to Dusseldorf and has invited the majestic Goddess Ezada to use one of Her slaves as whatever They want tonight.

The lucky slave gets to be Their human furniture, taste Their spit and ash and even small trickles of champagne from Their mouths as The Ladies converse about his skills or lack of them.

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All this time he remains silent and erect, just like a good slave should be but unable to retain Their interest for too long. A new slave awaits, a new distraction, a new torment for the next poor male creature that is desperate for Their exquisite touch.

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Sometimes we torment slaves just for fun. Its not necessarily for punishment or misbehavior of any kind. Basically it just entertains us to be mean as fuck to them. Although this one does tend to be kinda fat and lazy. Anyways, Princess Carmela had this fat buried out in the desert behind Our compound up to its neck just to be mean to it. So I just had to go see this! I thought it was hilarious. I make sure to sit in front of it in my shiny stiletto boots to torment it a little bit. To add insult to injury, I am sipping a nice, cold drink right in front of him.

Poor slave, he must be sooo parched by now. Eventually it starts to beg for some of my water. Then I make it lick the dust and sand off my boots. Of course, it HAS to comply with my orders. Otherwise, what chance does it have of EVER getting out Sissy cuckold wimp shoe lick ashtray this predicament?

Can you imagine if I told Carmela that this idiot dared to disobey a direct order from ME?? We would leave it to like literally ROT out here. That sand it is licking off of my boots must be great for its dry, parched throat haha.

I tell it I will give it whatever I want — so I decide to light up a cigarette and as I casually smoke it, I flick my hot ash into its open mouth. That hot, Sissy cuckold wimp shoe lick ashtray ash must be so wonderful to taste while being buried out here for days in the degree heat LOL. And I make its fat, ugly ass thank me for it too!

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You need to see the clip to see if I have ANY mercy on this loser at all. This clip is a double feature.

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Chloe sips a cool drink while both girls enjoy the breeze. They decide that after the smoke break they want to whip him next.

The sissy is about to compete in a shoulder riding competition. Sasha wants the sissy to win the race.

Chloe makes her slave do push-ups so that it will be strong for the shoulder riding. These two slaves applied for the position of human ashtray for Our next party.

There will be many Ladies, lots of smoke, cigarette ash and spit to ingest for a whole night, so We must chose the best slave for the job. Whoever finishes first will be the human ashtray at the party and will have the chance to lick the soles of Our high heel shoes.

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The loser will be whipped and will get the position of full service toilet for the same evening. While getting ready to have fun on camera with this poor slave, I discovered that his pathetic Sissy cuckold wimp shoe lick ashtray have never been kicked, crushed or otherwise abused before. But abusing balls is something that really arouses us, and he, with his cock and balls, are here just for Our pleasure. This slave offered his genitals as a tribute to Our beauty and femininity, and oh how much We love to torture them!

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Seeing his struggle and and hearing the pain in his voice as we torture his cock and balls is so satisfying! Oh, this is going to be a long afternoon for this bitch here! Nothing but a spit and ashes bucket!

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His body is worthless to us, he is reduced to being an object, an ashtray to be filled with our divine juices and the dirtiest of ashes. On the floor, so he can look up at us, Goddesses and be gratefull for every drop of spit that he gets. His lips and tongue blackened by our cigarette ashes, his face no longer a face but merely a hole to use whilst we enjoy our smoking.

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Yet he drips precum with excitement. So if u like that sort of thing. A new slave awaits, a new distraction, a new torment for the next poor male creature that is desperate for Their exquisite touch A House Of Sinn production Category: Kneel down and please Me.

Your horny cock is Mine!

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