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Meet people from norway

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We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroadlet's now talk about how to make friends locals and other expats when you're living in Norway Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Norway? Thanks in advance for your participation. Hey I'm new to this forum and to Norway. I'm from Denmark and I know that scandinavians are not very open to new people not intentionally, thoughand it's not that much fun to experince it from 'the other perspective'.

At work I won't make any new friends as Meet people from norway am by far the youngest one there and everybody has families. So I'm trying to find ways to meet new people in Oslo and experience new things.

So if anybody has any tips please let me know. But ather suggestions will be appreciated: I am here in the suburbs of oslo I would look online Norway is not an easy place to meet friends. There is no Welcome wagon waiting for you. This weekend I am going out Meet people from norway 3 Americans who are new to our area. Hi - New to this site I do have a couple friends over there, but I Meet people from norway want to be a burden.

So, here are some ideas I have come up with to stay active and involved and maybe make a few new friends DNT has group hikes etc Yoga classes Book club Kayaking Those are my ideas so far Before coming to Norway I searched online for other American women living in Norway. I found blogs written by expats and then contacted them before even coming here. Then, when I got here I contacted them again. It is definitely a good start: Hi - I moved to Bergen about 5 days ago to do PhD research at the university.

If anybody would like to meet for coffee and chat who is in the Bergen area then feel free to contact me. Hello Helen I have just moved to a place called os outside of bergen but have my own car so can get about and into the city easy etc. I am feeling quite isolated and would really like to Meet people from norway other english speaking people who like a good natter and a nice cup of coffee.

Would you care to chat? Would be nice to meet for a coffee. Norwegians don't move around as much as Americans and probably still have the same friends they started kindergarten with, so the ones looking actively for friends are most likely people that don't have any. Making friends at work is harder in Norway than in comparison to making friends with colleagues in the US or England.

Norwegians are good at maintaining a professional distance to their work place and you can make some buddy's to eat lunch with and some to chat with at the office Christmas party but if you want a bosom friend I would spend Meet people from norway time getting to know people with similar interests.

I would recommend joining something - anything to get in touch with the natives. Most Norwegians are active in an organization, team, church, political party, cause or other - something, anything to get them out of the house in the evenings. Try contacting the county service office and ask for a list of Lag teams or Foreninger organizations and start calling the contact people to see if its something you will enjoy. Here are some national Meet people from norway If you want to get to know the Norwegian mountains, hillsides these are the folks you want to show you the good trails!

I am a Romanian and I am new to Oslo. Maybe I can meet some new people, make some friends, fill my time with some good conversation in front of a cup co coffee Anybody up for that?

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Many people find Norwegians cold, and unfriendly. This is not actually true. But in most of the rest of Meet people from norway western world, people grew into socialization in a different way. Numbers grew, and huts grew into villages that became towns slowly, while people got used to each other.

Due to geography and poverty, the Norwegian peoples didn't grow into socialization like that. Norwegians as a people developed the culture and language in a country where small groups of people lived a long distance away from each other, with severe natural barriers between them. The present situation where we live in towns and Meet people from norway to see other people every day, is culturally something new that hasn't been fully adapted to. You could say that the undercurrent whenever you talk to someone new in Norway is total bewilderment at conversing with someone not closely related; When population numbers rise, and larger numbers of people get squeezed into each others space, most languages and cultures respond by increased politeness as a social cushioning.

As in Japan and the UK. But in Norway, language hasn't yet acquired the "please and thank you" that can be reflexive in other cultures. This comes across as jarring when seen through a different cultural lens. In Norway, there is instead a minor taboo at not invading other peoples space.

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And Norwegians like large personal spaces. The fundamental refelx in social relations is to give other people space.

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That can appear cold. However, it isn't really cold. Norwegians are just better insulated emotionally. Once people get past the insulation, they find that connections tend to last longer than elsewhere. Norwegians always start some kind of club or organization to keep in contact with their friends before the internet, and went all over social networks like facebook with a speed that left other nations bewildered. Culturally, Meet people from norway you've actually gotten to know someone, odds are you will be snowed in Meet people from norway the winter, so you better get along: All this doesn't actually mean you can't talk to strangers on the bus or elsewhere.

You just got to respect the local taboo when doing so. Preferably something slightly unusual. To make friends, you need to do something together until you've spoken enough to get through the insulation. That works like pub trips do in other countries. The confounding factor here is that places where large numbers of people are pressed together, such as apartment blocks or larger cities are even more unnatural to the Norwegian culture.

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And when they are in such places, Norwegians tend to compensate by trying even harder not to impose on each others space. Basically the social dance of friendships have a different rhythm than elsewhere.

Hi, I am french and arrived 2 weeks ago in Norway. And I confirm that it s very hard to meet people by yourself in Norway.

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And Saturday evening are the worst in this situation, because everybody is going out, not you: I am saying that because my boss i younger than me, and I was wondering if I Meet people from norway try to meet her friends. But I really have the impression that she doesn't want. Is it because she doesn't know me or because of the hierarchy???

I'm from New Zealand and am moving to Oslo in November, am very keen to meet some people and have coffee, join a sports club or book club etc but not sure how to find such groups or clubs? Perhaps we could make our own? I've recently been to Norway on a holiday and made a few friends through my boyfriend. But would love to make some of "my own" friends too am new to this site so not exactly sure how if works - but feel free to contact me Befa!

Hi there I am one month here in bergen norway. It's a bit depressing if you don't know people here message me if your from bergen maybe we can do some hiking or going out together.

I would mostly agree with this with the Meet people from norway exception of queuing up. Crowding, pushing and breathing down the neck of the person in front of you is quite commonplace.

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Hey, Would love to make new friends here. Anyone wants to meet? I moved from Milan. I would like to meet new peopel here.

So let me know?. Hi, Most activities and friends I found on-line facebook, xing, etc and joining again and again groups of several interests. I opened my own activity group in facebook now. Give yourself and the Norwegians time to warm up.