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Tinder is a mixed bag. Sometimes people's personality's mesh together nicely.

Other times there just isn't enough face in the world to palm. What other job lets you look directly into thousands of people's private lives?

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Sometimes it's romantic, but most other times it's embarrassing, sick, or weird. Despite the absurdity we stumble across daily on the internet we still find ourselves continually surprised with what people can come up with. Today, on the list is the rise of the 'Sexy Goldfish' Halloween costume.


We've seen plenty of weird 'sexy' costumes over the years but this one drives Sexy fails videos absurdity of the trend into brand new directions. The designer who incepted the idea probably was running dry on new costume ideas for the year.

With their deadline fast approaching they started brainstorming what sort of costumes people liked.

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With that brilliant idea the 'sexy goldifsh' was incepted and the white bread of pets was brought into the sexy costume fold. Someday a future civilization will stumble upon the ruins of our society and wonder what in the hell we were doing but in the present Twitter is doing exactly that.

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