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Are lee and cassandra from the taste still hookup

Porn Pics & Movies Are lee and cassandra from the taste still hookup.

I DVRed it and watched last night. Don't usually like the shows on the Food Channel but I really enjoyed this. They have 4 chefs Bourdain and Lawson plus one French guy well known on the LA scene and another guy who owns a chain of restos in San Diego.

These four decide based on one spoonful prepared by an unseen contestant who they will choose for their teams--i. They see the contestant only after they've locked in their votes. Good concept and they show the contestants at home so you get a bit of a rooting interest for them.

I rarely like reality TV, but this was really fun to watch.

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I have no connection with the show--nobody is paying me for this, honest. I watched it because I like Nigella, but I can't say I was overly impressed. With most competition shows, the finished product is something the audience can judge as well: But there's really no way for the audience to evaluate a single bite of food.

Yet, there are still some...

I did like that the format did allow them to weed out the most obvious "personalities" like the New Jersey yenta and the douchebag making "food for awesomeness," and I really did like the deep-voiced, Asian lesbian who made it through, so I'll give it another go, but it seemed to be missing something. I was thinking exactly what R2 said before I even got a chance to see this thread.

Bourdain has become a total pussy since settling down. Nigella lost a ton of weight but her skin remained tight.

She's in her 50's right? She sure doesn't look it and it doesn't look like surgery either. If only they would do something like that with singers!! I'm not that familiar with Nigella. I liked her personality very much on the show. Just looked up her age 53 and photos.

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She looks outstanding for her age, but she did not have such luscious cheeks when she was young. I'm all for it though had cheek implants when I was around her age--and people always say I look quite young for my age.

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Just too coincidental that Bourdain gets 2 women who look like they'd be his type. And Nigella gets that young girl who is a Nigella nut made that up--hey, she's a Nutella. I tuned in late but didn't Bourdain and Nigell pick their chefs? Would make sense they'd pick someone like them or who liked them.

I met Nigella at a book signing last year and she is definitely plumped and botoxed. She seems to have that same weird cheek thing going on that Madonna has. She was very nice to me and I was thrilled to meet her. Gossip from some of the others on line is that Ina and Rachel are PITA's and the book store staff were glad Are lee and cassandra from the taste still hookup see the back of them.

They love Nigella though and she doesn't pitch a fit about having to use the public restroom like a normal person. Didn't watch it, but I saw the commercials and felt oh so disappointed in Bourdain. Love his books, love his former and current shows on Travel Network, but this? Of course Anthony Bourdain sold out though I'm sure he'd say he has not.

Likes to spend a lot of money so this is an easy way to earn some. He looks like a whore so it's not too surprising.

Anthony has truly sold out. Liked him on his own Travel how, but he's become as Paula Dean as one can become. What's next from him?

A restaurant in Vegas?

Lee-knoeppel After a short interview...

Bourdain is typical of aging douchebags: He's not better than the people he mocks, though it can be argued he's worse--at least Sandra Lee isn't a hypocrite. Because, R26, it always has to be about him. It just used to be "aren't these people in Borneo eating dog burgers lucky that I'm here eating with them" and now it's the programmed "you're an idiot, the worst chef ever" that you can see coming two miles away.

I'm a lesbian who thinks Nigella is pretty, but I DON"T need to see constant zoom ins on her mouth when she is tasting the food.

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Always found Brian Malarkey so damn cute. First Carla, then him Maybe the competition will pick up once the teams start cooking. As is, it's like "Here is a spoonful of food.

Yet, there are still some...

I watched the first show not entirely and can't believe Anthony Bourdain sold out. He's become the very thing he hated. Why would he throw away his outsider, renegade rep for this Top Chef-knockoff? I don't think I wil watch the actual competition portion of the show, but I was mildly amused at the quick-edited smackdown of the three vegan chefs, particularly the raw food woman. I tuned in after reading this hoping to see Bourdain and could not continue watching.

Network shows are unwatchable. I'd rather watch Chopped. In fairness, I was thinking of the patrons who would have to follow me when I said I'd prefer not to use the public washroom. I can't believe he's going be Malarkey now instead of Brian.

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