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Who knew there were far more—and far creepier—dating apps out there? Take a look at these creepy, crazy and just plain odd apps, all aimed at finding you Mr.

Why Is This Important?

Right but in the weirdest ways possible. Using a systematic method of data searching, this app will give you the best Rebound dating site to ask out your Facebook friend by investigating up to six years of his or her dating record that is, if they made their relationships FBO. But hey, at least the app has one thing going for them: Gone are the days when people connected over similar interests, passions and hobbies.

People go through a breakup...

Now, we are apparently expected to find love based on our…candy flavor? Like the idea of a fantasy relationship? Chocolate is your flavor!

Not in the mood for anything serious? Well, in that case, you must be strawberry.

Use Facebook Data to Find...

Looking for a friendly relationship? You must be lemon! Sit back and relax while Flavor Connect finds you a similar-tasting SO!

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According to Luxy, their clientele includes CEOs, celebrities, athletes and doctors. They will weed you out.

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Ever just want to cuddle? This is the question posed by Cuddlrthe app that will give you walking directions to your nearest buddy for a quick This app will provide you with the first name, picture Rebound dating site past cuddling reviews of other willing cuddlrs near you.

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Rate the cuddle after or share a picture of how snuggly you two got! Single you plus meaningless cuddles equals feeling even more lost and alone afterwards.

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A fun-filled, awesome afternoon? These might not seem so bad.

This app requires a simple email-based signup and asks a few demographic questions. Carrot Dating comes from the creator of other just as creepy-sounding web ventures including SeekingArrangment.

Whether you ask your friend for a date or a do, your private Facebook notification invitation remains a secret until the person replies with his or her suggestion of date activity, like going to a movie, a nice dinner or simply out for coffee; the app will then suggest the Rebound dating site PG of the two.

Facebook chat will automatically open so that you can plan your date or do!

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But hey, to each their own. How do you do this?

Pros and cons of rebound...

If the audio clip interests you, then swipe right. The pixelated image of the person that accompanies the audio clip will become clear if the person is also mutually interested in you. From dangling carrots to pressure-free cuddles, there are apparently a lot more ways to start a relationship these days none of which we suggest.

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Have you ever gone through a breakup and then went on a date only to realize you were on the rebound? When your date found out that he/she was a rebound.

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