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Great headlines examples

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Does writing headlines give you a headache? You want to help your readers. You might have heard that 8 out of 10 people read a headline, and the other 2 people read the remainder of a text. These figures are often quoted to prove the importance of headlines.

But these figures are wildly optimistic because they Great headlines examples from the era of print advertising.

Great headlines can mean the...

The average click through rate on Twitter, for instance, is only 1. Millions of blog posts are published each day. So your headline must stand out. I read through hundreds of headlines, and distilled the 10 formulas that are proven to work. Why this formula works: Questions arouse our curiosity. We all grapple with tricky questions. We debate hot topics in our Great headlines examples.

We turn to Google to find answers. The Burning Question formula is probably the most underused formula Great headlines examples the list. But its attraction is undeniable: How to apply this headline formula: Which burning questions do your readers struggle to get answered?

Which hot debates are going on in your industry? Use the question as your headline and provide an in-depth answer in your post.

They say that writing the...

The How-To headline promises us a solution to a problem. This formula works best when you make the problem as specific as possible.

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