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Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Skip to Main Content. You must have Javascript enabled to see this menu. Late 20s, all ethnicities, male. August is the sole heir to a tech fortune. He has a history of alcohol and drug abuse and struggles with paranoia. August has difficulty taking responsibility and deals with most problems by trying to escape from them.

Casting for a Local Student...

He is married to Max. Early 30s, all ethnicities, male. Max is a researcher for a powerful tech company Ivy League educated. Max is a usually patient person but is often petty or mean when angry.

He is married to August. She delivers bad news to the new head of her company.

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Please send all resumes to mobiusriverfilm gmail. The weather has forced our hand, so we are changing the schedule for this weekend. Come be a part of this project! The show features a professional restaurant consultant who helps rebrand a restaurant to boost sales.

They are looking for a restaurant that is thinking about making major changes to improve business. This is for a pilot that will air on a major network. For the right place there is real opportunity for national exposure. For further information, Restaurant Casting Flyer. Audition scripts will be sent in response to your initial email.

Please send a headshot and specify which role s you wish to audition for. At the heart of the story is the relationship between the young girl and her older brother, who are at different stages in their lives. The search for the mermaid initially drives them further apart, but in the end brings them back together. They find themselves at odds with their younger sister, Clem, who just wants to be friends again. In the end, they resolve their issues with Clem and agree to 2018 dating naking casting girls 28 her find a mermaid.

This is a major role. Dad is a fun, stay-at-home parent. His joking remarks set Clem on her quest to find a mermaid. Mom 2018 dating naking casting girls 28 a successful career, and supports the household.

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She has operated a mini golf establishment for decades. But she has a soft spot for Clem and pays her to help out with odd jobs.

Shirley is the manager of a greasy spoon restaurant. In the summer, she has to put up with hundreds of tourists per day, but in the off-season. A group of colorful staff members are lured into a twisted plot to retrieve missing money. Mature Content, NO nudity.

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Video Audition is required. For a period piece early to mids about Harriet Tubman filming in Cambridge.

This is a Non-Union Narrative piece for the Museum and will run for many years. Some of the roles will have multiple work days and others will work just one day.

Please arrive in your best attire! ATMTC celebrates the glorious richness of our world by cultivating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity as they inspire the creativity that nurtures great art, artists, and audiences.

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