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Sex in the hayloft

Sex photo Sex in the hayloft.

She led him out of the car with a blindfold across his handsome face. Her hand was wrapped in his as she walked towards the door.

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Suddenly, she stopped and released him from his blindfold. His sweet face was very confused. She heard a nicker as she walked past one of the stalls. She looked back at him, noticing his hesitance. He Sex in the hayloft her, though he made sure to look around to see if anyone else was there, luckily they were alone. He walked behind her until she stopped and took his hands in hers.

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She had already been up there that afternoon and had arranged things as she wanted them. She had stacked a few haybales around to create the illusion of being in a secluded room with a silky soft blanket littering the ground. There was a dim light coming through a Sex in the hayloft window as they could clearly see the sun setting.

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