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Types of chins and what they mean

Naked Galleries Types of chins and what they mean.

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Organs on Face Forehead. Facial Lines and Wrinkles. What does your chin say about you? Double Chin and Round Chin 4. People with short chin are very introverted and emotional.

Sometimes, they are extreme, tactless and unenduring, so it's hard for them to accomplish something and they may suffer from loneliness in old age. The long Types of chins and what they mean belongs to those who are righteous, patient, persistent, emotional, loyal and popular.

People with long chin are blessed, enjoy longevity and play the role of good marriage partner. Since they are very devoted in love, they are easily upset and get hurt seriously once betrayed.

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Therefore, they are recommended to choose a lover in peaceful mind. Those with overly long chin are suspicious, scheming and lonely in old age.

Double chin suggests the well-off life and comfortable twilight years. Round chin indicates the amenity of life and many rich ladies have this kind of chin. In terms of physiognomy, double chin presents wealth and it belongs to the enduring, generous and well-educated people who often get help from others, have good interpersonal relationship, enjoy high prestige and command universal respect.

In Chinese face reading, the...

At the same time, they tend to have sweet love, gentle and soft personality, and happy later life. For women, the plump double chin indicates the good luck and support to husband while for men, it indicates the good luck for wealth. Round chin belongs to the lucky people who enjoy sweet love. If the chin is round and wide, it will be even better. This kind of people is gentle, optimistic, seemingly silly yet delicate in love.

This type of chin is...

They are kind-hearted and have filial children, thus can enjoy the happy later years. Women of round chin are family-oriented while men are loyal to love and make great achievements in career.

However, they should beware of being deceived because of innocence. Fleshy chin is similar with double chin but the flesh is not in double layers.