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Conservative cafe

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From the moment customers enter the front door, the Conservative Cafe is serving up caffeinated doctrine.

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Ann Coulter books sit stacked by the fireplace, and a picture of Ronald Reagan hangs on the wall. Fox News plays on all the Conservative cafe, and stock market quotes scroll along an electronic ticker above the cash register.

Friends warned Beckham to stay away from the conservative theme before the cafe opened in October. The former art teacher says he came up with the idea about five years ago, after souring on Starbucks and the other higher-end coffee chains.

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He didn't like piped-in folk music, specialty drinks with faux-Italian names or patrons who frittered the hours away Conservative cafe laptops or listening to iPods. The atmosphere, he said, seemed an affront to Midwestern values he learned growing up in northwest Indiana.

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It's what we drink before we make steel for Conservative cafe rest of the country or head Conservative cafe into the fields. As his disdain for the coffee chains coincided with his fear of an erosion in national pride, Beckham made plans for the Conservative Cafe, an old-fashioned java joint near the Crown Point town square.

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There were two Starbucks Conservative cafe 3 miles of the shop, but Beckham and his wife, Jill, were convinced his pro-United States decor and Indiana Conservative cafe coffee would strike a chord with the community. Since the opening, Starbucks has announced plans to close one of its Crown Point locations and Beckham has begun pondering franchise opportunities for his cafe.

For the past year, Conservative...

Conservative cafe He acknowledges Starbucks' downturn stems from a sagging economy Conservative cafe the company's massive growth, but he believes his success proves that some people are turned off by traditional coffeehouse culture.

Crown Point resident Matthew McPhee is one of them. He doesn't feel comfortable in trendier coffeehouses, where he sometimes doesn't recognize the music and often doesn't agree with the political conversations.

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He prefers the Conservative Cafe, where red-white-and-blue bunting hangs outside the brick building and patrons can buy T-shirts that read, "Silly liberal. Paychecks are for Workers. During his weekly visits, McPhee usually orders a "Radical Right" coffee, the cafe's strongest roast. Conservative cafe

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His other options Conservative cafe conservative, moderate and liberal -- the latter of which Beckham describes as a "Colombian decaf with no substance. The decor may poke fun at liberals, but Beckham says they're welcome in his establishment.

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It goes beyond politics. Beckham and McCall say they still aren't drawing paychecks from the cafe.

But Bob Metz, Center Township's supervisor of commercial assessments, says Conservative cafe shop has passed the six-month mark by which many fledgling eateries in the area falter.

The theme, however, has raised some eyebrows in the community.

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