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Coinless las slot strip vegas

Porn Base Coinless las slot strip vegas.
Circus Circus Las Vegas has...

I am not sure if I am reading correct, the slot machines are coinless now? Someone please explain what a coinless slot is? Do you use a credit card or something instead of money when playing and how do you get your winnings?

I know that I haven't been to LV in three years but this is a big change. You can still put coins in, but when you cash out - it prints a ticket that you can take and cash in or you can put it in another machine. Then you can just insert Ticket into any other Ticket in ticket out machine no matter what the Coinless las slot strip vegas and you play off those credits. I guess that every thing hs to change at some point, but I am sure that I will miss the sound of the coins falling.

The coinless slot machines are great because you don't have to wait for a slot attendant to fill up your machine if it runs out of coins.