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RMI is made up of 29 coral atolls, each containing many islets surrounding a lagoon, and five islands, however, only 22 atolls and four islands are inhabited [1]. The Marshall islands women of the Marshall Islands RMI currently has no domestic violence, sexual harassment, human trafficking or sex tourism legislation in place.

There are also no minimum sentences or mandatory prosecutions in cases of sexual violence.

It should be noted that customary law can in some circumstances be advantageous to Marshallese women, specifically in terms of Marshall islands women tradition of matrilineal property title. RMI traditionally has a matriarchal society, with land rights traditionally inherited along the matrilineal line, however, this tradition is being steadily eroded as Marshallese society urbanises and the population increases, making the tracing of lineage and land rights more difficult.

The Council of Iroji is the upper house of the Marshallese parliament and is made up of members appointed by virtue of their chiefly titles.

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Although women are not normally given chiefly status they are not prohibited from holding it and the Council of Iroji currently has three female members of 12 in total. The Council of Iroji is particularly empowered to review matters relating to customary law.

Substantial differences also exist in wages earned by men and women with similar educational qualifications: Although there is no legislative barrier to women in RMI accessing financial services such as loans and mortgages, discrimination can obstruct women from Marshall islands women credit, which impacts on their economic independence, ability to engage in business and equitable ability to earn a livelihood.

Health issues specific to the RMI include the generational impacts of the 67 atmospheric atomic and thermonuclear weapons Marshall islands women carried out on RMI territory between and These birth defects cause particular distress to Marshallese women, as local culture views reproductive abnormalities as a sign that women have been unfaithful to their husbands.

In addition to specific health impacts, populations of Marshallese citizens were also displaced from their home islands by the nuclear testing and compelled to live in areas with inferior agricultural and marine resources. In particular, the Marshall islands women residents of Bikini Atoll are estimated to have had higher levels of radiation exposure than any other population in history.

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Adolescent fertility rates remain by far the highest Marshall islands women the region at per 1, live birthshowever, the rate of adolescent fertility has declined substantially in the period of to Communicable diseases common in RMI include amoebiasis, conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, gonorrhoea, influenza, leprosy, scabies, syphilis and tuberculosis.

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