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Naturist friend finder

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One of the main hurdles many newbie naturists have to surmount is: For people with good to great social skills, this may not be a problem. And of those who do, many are afraid to be open about it, for a variety of reasons. So it can be risky at times to approach people you already know — relatives, friends, or acquaintances — with the idea of sharing an interest in naturism.

This process is somewhat easier online, because there are things like Facebook, Twitter, and other Naturist friend finder things friend-finder sites, naturist-friendly social networks, Naturist friend finder, discussion forums, mailing lists, etc. Having online naturist friends scattered around the world is all well and good.

However, what you really want are people who enjoy social nudity and also live relatively nearby, so you can enjoy nudity together, at home parties, outdoor recreational locations, and commercial naturist parks or Naturist friend finder. Or just getting together casually naked in the backyard to enjoy a barbeque and an evening in or around the swimming pool or spa. I could offer suggestions on how to approach the challenge of finding naturist friends.

But one naturist newbie has figured it all out, and says it very well:.

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Last year I was an single old straight white guy. Then I discovered nakedness. I set off with a desire to make naked friends, I began Naturist friend finder blog here, I signed up for naked Meetup groups, I joined an active naked online NOOK group, I advertised for naked friends on Craigslist, I approached naked people I met in naked situations and began conversations.

I read lots to learn the culture and ethos of nakedness. I knew that simple nakedness felt good, I heard that nudists were accepting and inclusive, and so, I became accepting, inclusive and non judgmental myself.

Just try what Happy Bare did. Reblogged this Naturist friend finder simplenaturist. Everyone is friendly inside those four walls, but there is very little interaction otherwise. Several moths ago, I met a family at my favorite nudist resort, and they invited me to visit them in their home when I am in the area, so we exchanged phone numbers.

An hour or so later, I texted him expressing my delight in making their acquaintance, but he never responded to my message. I can totally relate to the friend thing pipermac5 talks about.

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Just taking it as it comes…. I discovered naturism in college, though I mostly just practiced in my apartment. Our backyard has no privacy to keep the elderly neighbors from looking Naturist friend finder, and we cut down the gnarly trees separating our house from the highway in order to plant evergreens. So in daylight, there is perfect visibility. The latter two predictably said no, never.

My girlfriend was much more open-minded. But as we want to remain abstinent until marriage, we agreed not to try out nudity together until that time, just in case we might slip up. Many would advise you that abstinence is a bad idea. With many people around, any non-abstinence will not be possible.

One of the main hurdles...

What happens later is up to you. This is kind of off subject but speaking of beaches, Mazo Beach, one of the few remaining clothing-optional inland beaches in the U. This is an important issue for naturists. Unfortunately, it seems like petitions and surveys hardly ever make a difference in protecting naturist beaches.

The only Naturist friend finder effective strategy is for regular Mazo Beach users to become directly engaged in lobbying — phone calls and even in person visits to public officials.

And also to devise plans in conjunction with the DNR to help ameliorate the Naturist friend finder that allegedly exist at the beach. It really is mostly on the shoulders of the local users to lead the effort.

They have the most to gain — or lose. Same applies to other naturist spots everywhere, especially when national organizations are as weak as they are in the U.