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Girl using cucumber

Naked Galleries Girl using cucumber.
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S elf-pleasure is the safest form of sex. Not only does the act connect one with their sexual energy, it also allows the participant to receive pleasure exactly the way she desires. Now, when it comes to female self-pleasure, there is a new trend: It may seem strange to think about using a food item in the act of female masturbation, but utilizing cucumbers for Girl using cucumber is not just about getting off.

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Over dinner, you can break down the facts. The vagina is a mucus membrane that provides direct access into the bloodstream. So when shopping for cucumbers make sure they are organic and grown without the use of pesticides or genetic modification. You can find organic cucumbers at most grocery retailers.

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Vaginas come in different sizes, and so do cucumbers. Some women can insert a larger cucumber with ease while others may experience pain with added girth.

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Choose a cucumber that is the proper size for what your girl can accommodate—use your, ahem, personal knowledge to judge. There are two types of cucumbers: Slicing cucumbers are larger and have a thicker skin, while pickling cucumbers are smaller with thinner skin.

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