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How to stay faithful in a long distance relationship

xXx Photo Galleries How to stay faithful in a long distance relationship.

I was in a long distance relationship, and I always stayed faithful. I never had the temptation to cheat because of how much I loved my bf.

I've been in a long distance relationship -- never had the desire to cheat to be honest, and I wouldn't. I think if someone is considering cheating on their significant other.

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If I love him, there is no temptation to cheat, long distance or not. Of course I would stay faithful. There's never a good excuse to cheat, imo.

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If anyone ever felt the temptation to cheat while in a relationship shouldn't be in relationship. I'm a very loyal person.

I definitely would stay loyal. If I felt myself not wanting to be loyal I would end it, before I cheated.

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Of course I'll stay faithful. If he's willing to put THAT much effort into a relationship I do because I really care for the guy and like him, if and when I know he's being faitful to me.

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If there is temptation, there is something wrong with the relationship. This person feeling the temptation should be mature and confident to talk about it with their partner to resolve the issue quickly.

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Would you want to feel these feelings or have your partner feeling them? I sure hope not.

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As I quote him, Joshua Harris, often as he concisely says what I believe with all of my soul, "The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment. Sure, you'll have thoughts, but don't ACT on them and discuss it with that partner you trust!

Girls do you stay faithful when you're in a long distance relationship?

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At this current point in your lives, are you considering or have you already considered settling down in a committed long-term relationship? Do you crave more excitement or stability when it comes to a relationship?

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