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I slept with my sister stories

Nude Photo Galleries I slept with my sister stories.

When writing your story, please use correct spelling and grammar. Please use a capital I rather than a lower iand use apostrophes correctly. Such as I'm, don't, can't. What does four and four equal? I was sixteen, male, and extremely horny all the time naturally of course.

Anyways, my dad left a long time ago, when I was around four years old. My sisters have a different father that left as well, so they are technically my half-sisters. So, we all live together like usual, everyday normal stuff. It felt like she was trying to bond with me suddenly out of nowhere and started to act different from usual. One night she comes into my room wearing nothing but a towel, and said she just got out of a bath. I averted my eyes a lot on purpose and she noticed quickly and sat on my bed.

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Weirded out, I scooted back and forced my face into the book I was reading. I asked her what she wanted and then she was silent. I lowered my book and then I saw her in a laying position on one of my pillows. She said that she wanted her back rubbed and asked if I could do it for her.

After how nice she had been lately, I accepted and scooted behind her.

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Even though we are siblings, it felt weird to rub her back while she was basically naked on my bed. But all I could see was her backside.

After a few minutes, she started to moan and say my name quietly. I stopped and then she asked my why. I was weirded out and said I was going to bed. She looked a little disappointed but left afterwards. The next day was pretty normal and Megan acted like she normally did, but that night was different even more so than the last.

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I was just ready for bed, fresh out of the shower and into my pyjamas. I got comfortable in my bed, and shut the lights off before closing my eyes.

Only a few minutes later, I heard a knock at my door, so I sat up and turned the light on. Who is it; I asked. I told her to come in, and when she did, I then asked what she wanted.

I took a few seconds to think before saying anything. She was giving me the sad face she has when she wants something. Scooting over, she slunk into the sheets and thanked me for letting her sleep with me.

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Being nineteen, I wondered why she acted immature for her age. I would tough it out rather than ask to sleep with someone else. I turned the light off again, and kept my distance between us in the bed, with my back turned to her. So, then I feel the sheets move around behind me, and a dip in the bed comes closer.

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I knew then that she was getting closer to me, so I casually peaked over my shoulder and saw Megan up closer. Her eyes were shut, and she seemed to be quick asleep. She is a pretty girl, for being my sister; Is what I thought.


Afterwards I just duck my head and try to sleep. Late in the middle of the night, I wake up to something. I feel two hands groping my side and chest from behind, arms under mine. She was closer than before, and hugged me tightly while she dug her nose into my shoulder blades. She kept rubbing my chest and belly, feeling around as if she was trying to find something.

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