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Sterling work by undercover reporters for the Financial Times have caused a storm around the Presidents Club. Reports of their annual gala dinner involving horrific harassment of hostessespaid surprisingly little to cater to the whims of rich powerful men under alarmingly draconian conditions have quickly caused the club to close.

This is just the latest in a long line of scandals regarding men in powerful positions using them to abuse, harass and sexually manipulate women. The potent Www sexy clothes com to the Presidents Club revelations and Www sexy clothes com ongoing MeToo movement suggest that we may be undergoing a long-overdue societal shift when it comes to sexual politics and interactions, especially with regard to men exploiting their power over women.

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Often deployed by angry guys and right-wing contrarians looking for attention, this argument has also been invoked with the Presidents Club story, even though the hostesses were dressed according to strict instructions from the employers.

Yet clearly, it persists. But, does it hold up under scientific scrutiny?

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