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Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines

New xXx Video Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines.

Graphical presentation by David Stirling.

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This survey is only for the "G" frame chain stitch sewing machine, as pictured in the questions Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines. By collecting data about these machines we hope to learn more about when different changes were made to the design of this sewing machine, and to help date the machines more accurately.

The more individual machines we can collect data on, the more accurate and detailed the survey results will be. If you answer "other" to any of the questions, we would greatly appreciate if you could submit a photograph of the sewing machine, in jpeg format to: May I contact you if I have any questions regarding your responses?

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Please type in the patent date information shown on the cloth plate exactly as shown on your machine. What tension mechanism does your machine use?

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What style of handcrank is attached? If other, what brand? What decal set does your machine have?

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What does the base of your machine look like? What type of stitch length indicator does your machine have?

Serial number dating of Willcox...

If 'Other' please state lowest and highest numbers on the stitch length indicator. Which set of finials are on the top of the needle bar and presser foot bar? What color is the small balance wheel? Do you have an original dated sales receipt for this unit? If yes, what is the date on it?

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Is there anything else you can tell us about this machine? Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. This is truly a NeedleBar team effort! If yes, what is your e-mail address?

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If no, leave box blank. What is the serial number of your machine? Registering measuring tension Other if 'Other' please send photo. UK style 1 Coalbrookdale c. UK style 2 Coalbrookdale d. UK style 3 Other if 'other' please send photo. In line with the balance wheel direct drive?

Behind the balance wheel friction drive?

Grape vines with leaves and grapes c. Ivy leaves and vines without grapes d. Grey body Unknown - decals all worn off Other - please send photograph.

The Badge is in the front b. The Badge is in the rear Other please send photo. Scalloped Other If 'Other' please describe or send photo. Mismatched, ball on one, acorn on the other Other If 'Other' please describe or send photo. Black with gold decals c.