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A wifes confession

Porn Base A wifes confession.

HOWEVER, copyright law varies in other countries, and the work may still be under copyright in the country from which you are accessing this website. It is your responsibility to check the applicable copyright laws in your country before downloading this work. My friend, you have asked me to relate to you the liveliest recollections of my life.

I am very old, without relatives, without children; so I am free to make a confession to you. Promise me one thing — never to reveal my name. I A wifes confession been much loved, as you know; I have often myself loved. I was very beautiful; I may say this today, when my beauty is gone.

Love was for me the life of the soul, just as the air is the life of the body. I would have preferred to die rather than exist without affection, without having somebody always to care for me. Women often pretend to love only once with all the strength A wifes confession their hearts; it has often happened to be so violent in one of my attachments that I thought it would be impossible for my transports ever to end.

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However, they always died out in a natural fashion, like a fire when it has no more fuel. I will tell you today the first of my adventures, in which I was very innocent, but which led to the others.

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The horrible vengeance of that dreadful chemist of Pecq recalls to me the shocking drama of which I was, in spite of myself, a spectator. I had been a year married to a rich man, Comte Herve de Ker —— a Breton of ancient family, whom I did not love, you understand. A wifes confession love needs, I believe at any rate, freedom and impediments at the same time. The love which is imposed, sanctioned by law, and blessed by the priest — can we really call that love?

A legal kiss is never as good A wifes confession a stolen kiss. My husband was tall in stature, elegant, and a really fine gentleman in his manners. But he lacked intelligence. He spoke in A wifes confession downright fashion, and uttered opinions that cut like the blade of a knife. He created the impression that his mind was full of ready-made views instilled into him by his father and mother, who had themselves got them from their ancestors.