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Amputee dating devotees experiences by b

XXX Photo Amputee dating devotees experiences by b.
'Some of these amputee devotees...

Some usually nondisabled people profess an "attraction to disability. That means seeing your body as a sexual object.

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If that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, you're not alone. Some refer to it as a fetish, others as an attraction, and some call themselves "devotees.

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This can also manifest in the form of attraction to or obsession with people dealing with mental health conditions. The Series So Far.

Taking Your Body for a Ride: Sex for Two or More. Sexual Autonomy and Disability.

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Sex on the Brain: I Beg Your Pardon? Dealing with Rude Nondisableds.

There's probably a lot going on psychologically behind devotees, but this isn't for or about them. We're interested in the cultural implications of treating members of the disability community like things.

This is for and about those of us who are disabled. You may have heard people talking about how the way we treat women is "objectifying," for example.

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Some devotees are interested in people with physical impairments that may require mobility aids or accessibility tools, including wheelchairs, braces, canes, walkers, and other equipment. Others are more interested in a psychological element — for example, they may romanticize depression, and like the idea of "rescuing" someone with a mental illness or intervening in treatment for drug addiction.

Among devotees who do fixate on mental health conditions, some may say they know what's best for someone and become very controlling, pushing people to drop out of counseling or stop taking medication.

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Just like it will often feel gross to hear people talk about wanting to date a person because they have big breasts, or make explicit comments about Black men's penises, it will usually feel gross to have someone attracted to you only or primarily because you walk with a cane. There's another thing about devotee culture that's dangerous, too.

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