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I always shave my bikini area

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Having a completely smooth bikini area can make you feel more confident in a swimsuit or in the bedroom. Once the hair is the right length, take a warm shower or soak in the bathtub to soften the remaining hair. Next, exfoliate the area with a loofah to remove dead skin cells, then apply shaving gel to help the razor slide smoothly across your skin. Always shave in the direction the hair is growing to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.

Shave with long, slow strokes, and use as few passes with I always shave my bikini area razor as possible. For tips on shaving between your thighs, keep reading! Pubic Hair Removal Shaving. Reader Approved Why choose wikiHow? This article has over 5, views, and 17 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader approved badge.

Decide what you want your mons pubis the of pubic hair under your belly button to look like. Choose the option that makes you feel the best. You have a few options: Shave it all off.


There are no health risks to shaving all of your hair off as long as you do it hygienically, use a new razor, use an anti-septic after shaving and don't cut yourself. You will place a stencil, like a small heart, over your pubic area. Then, you'll shave around the stencil to leave a section of hair with a fun shape over your pubic area.

You can find stencil kits at most adult stores or online. Create a landing strip. Your landing strip, or a line extending up from your labial part toward your belly button, can be either whisper thin good for thick, unruly hair I always shave my bikini area slightly wider for thin, sparse hair. Your razor may be gel-filled and have more blades than a small child can count, but you still need to be nice to it.

Any longer and it won't work as efficiently. To trim the most efficiently, pull the hair toward you and cut in small sections. It doesn't all have to be even, it just has to be short. If the idea of taking scissors down there The blades can only get so close to your skin. Soften your hair by taking a shower. You can also soak in the tub for a little while I always shave my bikini area standing up in the shower to shave the area.

Getting the follicles soft will make the hair easier to shave on the first go-round. If you want to wash the area, clean it before you start shaving to avoid irritating your exposed skin later. If you're away from a shower and have a desperate, desperate need to I always shave my bikini area your bikini area -- maybe you're stranded on a desert island?

The same effect can be garnered from this, too. You're probably going to come across people or places that tell you to lather, shave, and exfoliate -- in that order. But if you wanna be a pubic shaving pro and who doesn't?! It'll align your hairs all in the same direction, making your razor's job ten times easier.

It also removes that extra dead skin, freeing your razor to get even closer to the hair's root. Just use your normal shower exfoliate for this part. Grab your loofah and go to town like you usually do! Wet the area with warm shower water and smooth shaving gel over it.

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This part is imperative. Never shave without some sort of lubricant. If you don't use shaving cream, you will find yourself in the midst of a red, bumpy, unattractive mess. It's best to use unscented shaving cream designed for the bikini area. If you have particularly sensitive skin, test an area before you apply it all over. Once in a while, people have allergic reactions. Shop for a transparent, non-foamy shower gel so that you can see what you're doing while you shave. Briefly wet a new razor.

The more blades, the better -- the fewer it has and the older it isthe more times you'll have to go over the area and that doesn't include time spent reapplying shaving cream.

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I always shave my bikini area one with those fancy lubrication pads on it, too, for good measure. You can reuse your razor if you take good care of it but preferably use a new disposable razor each time. Make sure you wash it after you're done, but don't leave it wet -- water will erode the metal of the blades, tarnishing and weakening them. Shave with long, slow, even strokes along the direction of hair growth. This cuts each hair straight across so no sharp pointy bits dig in. Put your hand onto your stomach just above the mons pubis to make sure the skin over your mons pubis is smooth and taut.

When shaving, let the blade do the work. Avoid pressing down into your skin. Keep the number of passes of the razor low; each pass removes surface skin, too. If you have thick, curly hair and you're having a tough time shaving it, try using an electric I always shave my bikini area to trim it down even more before you use the handheld razor for the finishing touches. Rinse your razor between strokes if it becomes clogged with hair. Bend at the waist and lift your first leg.

Try starting with the side opposite your dominant hand e. Generally, that side is much easier and quicker to do. Bending over will help you to see the area clearly. Prop your raised leg on the shower wall or sink if you need to. The process for this section is the same as the one outlined above when it comes to exfoliating and whatnot. However, razor burn and ingrown hairs are less likely to show up down here, so the hardest part is over.

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Wet the area and apply shaving gel to the area. Take care not to get any gel or other shower products in between the labia. If you find it running off under the shower water, you'll need to reapply. Shave with smooth, horizontal strokes from the outside in. That is, if you're shaving your left side, shave from left to right.

Use a light touch. Stop each stroke before the end of the labium in the center. Rinse any excess I always shave my bikini area gel when you are done shaving the first side. You may want to spread your legs further apart to keep the skin you're shaving taut, so that you won't run into any folded or wrinkled skin while you're shaving. Shave the other side of your labia and your other inner thigh crease following the same technique. You're probably thinking, "This again?

Exfoliating after gets rid of the dead skin your razor whipped up and aligns your follicles preventing ingrown hairs which are the worst. A sugar scrub at I always shave my bikini area point can work wonders. If that's not in your bathroom, make a baking soda paste to leave your skin smooth to the touch.

It's best to use unscented...

This is obviously bikini shaving to the extreme -- warranting the absolute most top-notch results. Pat your bikini area dry with a soft towel. Don't rub your bikini area vigorously, or you may irritate the delicate skin.

It's just been through a lot!

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If you notice any stray hairs, grab a pair of tweezers to put the finishing touches on the area. Sometimes you can spend what seems like hours down there shaving and you've still missed a few. Use something that is non-scented as perfumes can be irritating, especially to freshly shaven skin. Aloe vera and baby oil are good standard options. Avoid coloring agents, too.

But bumps, redness, and irritation...

If you use lotion, make sure it's the plainest kind you can buy. You can spray on some scents later if you'd like. Pat your pubic area with some baby powder. You may also apply baby lotion to the area to reduce irritation. Just don't go overboard! Smothering the area won't let your skin breathe, leading to pimples and the like. Make sure to only apply these products externally.

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Allow at least a few days in between shaves. For a constantly hair-free look, you may have to look at other hair removal techniques, such as waxing or laser hair removal. Shaving works, but it requires constant upkeep.

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