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Things women want to hear from men

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You are so much more than a great ass or a nice face. What you offer in this relationship is not an accolade or salary, I just want to be with you every day, and your goals and dreams become mine.

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For better and for worse. Your personality is one of my favorite things about you. But what I love more is how well I get along with you and how much fun we have together.

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I love the fact that you never cease to surprise me. Being bored is one of the risks of being in a relationship, but I never worry about that with you.

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Your opinion is the only thing that matters to me, and everything else is relative. But your opinion dictates all of that. Nobody looks like that. To me, you look great. Few people know a lot about [insert any hobby or interest here]. Your insecurities are some of my favorite things about you.

They make you memorable and different and interesting and a breath of fresh air. I love how much you love to read.

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I think you have a lot of interesting things to say and I am genuinely curious about your opinion and your stance on certain issues. I love the fact that I feel like I can learn something from you.

I want you to know that you are one-of-a-kind to me.

There are so many little things about you that I love. I just mean that I think you are so impressive and admirable and accomplished and respectable.

I'm a staff writer for Thought Catalog. I like comedy and improv. I live in Chicago.

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