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As politely as possible, I shift in my chair to glance at the feet in question. For a year-old Swedish actor somehow striding into mainstream cinema from multiple doors at once, they appear to be holding her up just fine. Yet for a ballerina, Vikander explains, Alicia hooper nude were less than ideal.

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Born and raised in Gothenberg, Vikander had dreamed of a life in tutus since a Christmas Alicia hooper nude to The Nutcracker at the age of five; at 15, she was permitted to move on her own to Stockholm to study ballet.

Another decade on, we can thank those faulty feet for making Vikander the most ubiquitous screen presence Alicia hooper nude Asked if even she knows how many of her films have hit screens this year, she lithely avoids giving a number.

The answer is seven, chronologically bookended by the most prestigious. Her roles between those two have varied wildly. She brought a tang of romantic regret to the underperforming Bradley Cooper vehicle Burntand some Russian-accented femme fatale attitude to the breakneck Aussie thriller Son of a Gun.

Remember when Jessica Chastain was suddenly in so many films at once?

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Her entry into the realm of such studio tentpoles has added an unfamiliar degree of promotional work to an already crammed timetable. Also new to her is the glad-handing and red carpet-grazing of the film awards season. The Oscars may not be until late February, but the four-month marathon of campaign Alicia hooper nude and precursor prize-giving ceremonies is already well under way.

Vikander admits to being bemused by it all. I just thought fall seemed like a good time to go to the movies. She takes alternating sips from a Diet Coke and a bamboo-hued herbal tea.

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As for the awards themselves, it was swings and roundabouts: If you made a Swedish film that just got into a film festival somewhere, that Alicia hooper nude like the biggest thing you could wish for. Her Oscar campaign has her classified as a supporting actress in the latter, though that rather misrepresents the film. It takes a while to determine what the new relationship between you is. I could relate to that.

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That got to me immediately. Less obvious to Vikander at the time of filming was the thematic dovetailing Alicia hooper nude The Danish Girl with Ex Machina as a story of adopted female identity. It was only when she represented the former at Champions of Change, a White House event celebrating LGBT media luminaries, that it became clear to her via feedback from transgender attendees who had seen both films.

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Vikander likens this to her own strong sense of desiring womanhood when she was a young girl: I had these real female crushes on certain actresses. I ask if she can name any of these youthful crushes. Her creamy complexion pinkens.

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I think I told her that when we were filming, which was probably a bit embarrassing. Fassbender and Vikander play husband and wife. She saw the fourth cut on a recent trip to Alicia hooper nude York; she says she prefers watching her films in progress than after the final edit.

Ingrid Bergman managed that balance in the end, after all; Vikander, who earlier this year channelled the Swedish icon to narrate the Alicia hooper nude Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Wordsis probably weary of the comparison, however flattering. Still, a similarly international A-list career beckons, straddling languages as fluently as genres. With endearingly girlish reverence, she cites French star Marion Cotillard as her key contemporary inspiration and dream collaborator.

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And only when we were chatting afterwards did I suddenly realise why: So will she be more mindful of the Bechdel test — the feminist guideline that requires films to feature scenes of female characters in conversation, not about a man — in future? Women talking together — apparently it is a reality!

And while we talk about the lack of female leads in films today, male domination is just as strong in supporting roles. Then you have something to play, and play with.

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Is she concerned that she may be regarded as just that when taking a role in a project like The Man from UNCLEin which her character is wooed by a burly male super-spy and gets to model a procession Alicia hooper nude Audrey Hepburn-style outfits? So, not every project can be chosen on the basis Alicia hooper nude its political or representational properties, then. But Vikander is optimistic that the gender balance in the industry is slowly shifting. You begin to feel their effect. When people in the industry and in the media are acknowledging the issue and talking about it, then you begin to look around and realise what needs to be done.

Media interest has its flipside, of course.

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Vikander is newly confronting the through-the-looking-glass absurdity of paparazzi attention, having recently discovered a series of snapshots of her running errands in Soho — over 30 of them, taken over four Alicia hooper nude — had surfaced on celebrity news sites. But it is a made-up idea of who you are.

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