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Meeting your soulmate at the wrong time

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A Soulmate can enter in your life unexpectedly. Although you do have more than one, not all are the same. Many times they enter in her life for a brief time to help us learn something about ourselves.

This is to fulfill our destiny and grow spiritually. Dating is never easy and meeting so many different people can be confusing.

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Commonly, you can be involved in a committed relationship and you suddenly find your Soulmate or Twin flame on some type of social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Opening your eyes to see more clear about your life choices, making you see that this committed relationship was not truly committed.

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The problem was not because you went looking for your Soulmate but they were sent to you to help you discover deeper things about yourself and the choices you need to make for your future. Many would think that this is at the wrong time that your Twin flame has entered in your life.

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If you were in a similar type of situation and find yourself very drawn to someone. Really look at what is going on in your relationship and try to find balance. An awakening can happen at any time, with awakenings they are an eye-opener to healing your past wounds to move forward. Think of it is part of growing up spiritually. That you have to get through different types of love relationships that you may have had struggle and pain with.

This is often called the runner and chaser stages.

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This is when letting go and releasing any type of toxic and negative energy out of your life. There is a lot of pain and heartache when the two cannot be together. Asking yourself questions on why your twin flame entered your life?

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The runner and chaser stages, The cycle goes around in circles. This plays a big role in both souls working on themselves and healing whatever it is until they are ready to come together in a divine union. Often we are sent other people to help us, many times they are a type of soulmate that can get us through these challenges.

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