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Travers beynon snapchat

Porn tube Travers beynon snapchat.

Some people would give a left or right arm to live in a mansion full of beautiful women with the world's craziest parties at their fingertips.

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But for Travers Beynon, this is the 'norm', in fact he makes it sound like it's absolutely nothing. That's not to say he doesn't appreciate his lifestyle but surely the flamboyant Australian tobacco tycoon has his work cut out. He juggles his devoted wife with numerous girlfriends. Travers beynon snapchat fact, he doesn't juggle them at all - he sleeps with them all together, every night and says that's the 'easy part'.

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We'd never have guessed. Travers, better known as 'Candyman', holds extravagant parties at his bedroom, bathroom mansion - dubbed the Candy Shop Mansion rather Travers beynon snapchat. At weekends you can probably find him in between an array of women, but by night he will be upstairs in his bedroom which, as he described to us, looks exactly like a nightclub. This is how he outlined one 'experience' which happens on the regs: And my wife told me that she couldn't actually see me under the pile of girls, she said it was almost like I was being eaten alive.

I've been waiting for the white light many times but it hasn't come yet.

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But a lifestyle that involves being intimate with so many ladies must come with a fair few rules, you'd imagine. Sure enough, Travers says that his experience in 'people management' within the business sector has helped him in his conquest to polygamy. We have a compulsory family dinner on Sunday nights with everyone and we all sit down we fill two Travers beynon snapchat tables and I take everyone's mobile phones and put them in another room.

Once we've finished our takeaway we go into the cinema that I have in the mansion and all watch a movie together. They fight, of course, but most of the time they get on and enjoy each other's company. So how Travers beynon snapchat you keep everyone happy in this scenario?

One of his solutions is that everyone shares the same bedroom - which sounds like a squeeze and probably would be if you lived in a three bedroom semi-detached with just the one double bed. But as you might expect by this stage, that's not how he rolls. And you Travers beynon snapchat you had enough problems keeping one partner happy. We wonder, though has he ever found himself in a sticky situation?

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No, not that kind. It's normal for me now but I'm so strict.

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I could have 10 or 20 girls here all the time but I have such strict rules so that it does work long term. Anyone else starting to pick up Judge's house vibes? Every scenario you could think about I've had to deal with.

My wife is my wife. And the rewards are there if you do the right thing. Speaking of his wife, Taesha Beynon - how does she fit into all of this? He met her when she was 18 and working at one of his parties as a hostess.

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She had disclosed to me that she kissed a lot of girls and there were often times when she would see a pretty girl in the street and she would text me about the girl. Ah, we see where this is going.

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She enjoys the parties and the other girls. It's all together - that's one way of keeping it under control. If you didn't already know, Candyman opened applications to enter his Candy Shop Mansion sounds like an over-populated Love Islandbut why?

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