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The senior citizens league washington dc

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I am POA for an elderly woman who is incapacitated physically and mentally and is very lonely. She does have a fulltime aide. For the past few months a "religious" group has been visiting her and she has enjoyed the company. Lately, she has been asking unusual questions regarding her finances and her possessions and phrasing these questions in a way that does not sound like her.

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She has become quite hostile to me. At first I saw no harm in the visits they represent themselves as part of a fairly mainstream relgion that does missionary work. However, I don't think such a group would be discussing her finances. I have come to believe that this is a scam of some sort. My friend is becoming more and more attached to them. How can I check on this?

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I am all she has and I live 50 miles away. You need to call your state's elder advocacy group. They have people who are able to intervene. Begin with the Attorney General's offcie or local sherrif in order to determine who the recognized groups are in her area.

Got a new one today, claiming that a "bill was in the works" to increase Soc.

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They named no Congressman, Senator or author, gave no Bill number, but they wanted money to "help this legislation along". Gee, I wish I'd thought of this scam! First, you should tell her that she should not make any donations until you can check them out. Does your POA specify financial control?

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