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Does he want me to be his girlfriend quiz

Porn Galleries Does he want me to be his girlfriend quiz.

Sometimes, you don't figure out that you're the side chick until it's too late. Guys can be very clever, leading you on and leaving you totally in the dark about it. You might think he loves you, but in reality you're just the girl he goes to when he gets bored of his main girlfriend.

This realization has crushed many women, damaging their self-confidence forever. But looking back, almost every girl thinks the same thing: So, how do you know if you're the side chick?

Take this quiz and find...

Deep down, most girls know when something is wrong in a relationship. But if you want to save yourself the hours of thinking and looking back on every moment of the relationship, you can always take this quiz instead. And when you finish, you'll know without a doubt whether you're the side chick, or the main chick. Are ready to find out the truth about your relationship? One of the easiest ways to tell if you're a side chick is to think about how he hangs out with you.

Does he actually take you out on dates? Or does he just show up at your house?

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This actually reveals a lot about how much he cares In today's day and age, the phone plays a pretty huge role in the relationship. You can actually tell a lot by what someone thinks by looking at their phone - if they're not too protective of it.

But when you get a peek, does he have your number saved? Girls get seriously annoyed when guys take a long time to reply to texts, and most see it as insulting. It's basically saying that they have more important things to do than reply to their texts. But what about you?

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Does he reply right away? Some guys just hate cuddling and actually sleeping in the same bed with another girl. There's something about it that just turns them off. When the deed is done, they just want to get the hell out of there ASAP. But does he do this with you? When you're dating someone, it seems pretty obvious and expected that they would tell you where they live. Keeping that information secret would just be weird.

But not every relationship is like this. But does he tell you where he lives? Let's say that your man DOES take you out on dates, and doesn't just show up at your apartment. Where does he take you? What does he want to do? Does he take you to crowded, popular places? Or does he take you to secluded, "secret" areas? A guy who answers the phone in front of you shows that he has nothing to hide. He is comfortable talking with other people in front of you, and doesn't go to the next room Does he want me to be his girlfriend quiz answer the phone, or even reject calls.

Having your call rejected is never a good feeling, but it always stings more when it's your partner rejecting your call. But if this happens a lot, it can be a pretty huge sign. Does your man sometimes reject your calls, or does he answer? Does he always come over around the same time and day each week? If so, this can be a pretty major sign. Because if this is happening, that means he's finding some time during his week where he's not busy to come see you. Does he do this with you? Social media is now a huge part of every relationship in today's world.

Interacting with your partner online is important, but so is making your relationship public for all to see.

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But what about your man? Does he refuse to add you on social media? A guy who is proud to be with you will always want to pose for pics with you.

Maybe some guys are just shy, but if a guy seems embarrassed to be seen with you or overly paranoid about pictures that could go public, that's a major sign Being introduced to the family is probably one of the biggest steps in any relationship. When a guy wants you to meet his family, it means that he's taking the relationship very seriously, and sees it as a long-term thing.

But has he introduced you?

Girls hate it when guys don't respond to their texts, but what annoys them even more is when they totally go MIA for days, even weeks on end. For many girls, that's grounds for a breakup right then and there. But has your man ever done this? Most people like to know about date plans ahead of time.

But more often than not, plans end up being last minute. Some girls think that spontaneity is romantic and exciting, while others don't like it so much.

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But with your man, are plans always last minute? Another thing that can happen out of the blue is getting gifts. Obviously, no girl likes to complain when getting gifts, but sometimes it can get a little weird. You may be asking yourself, "What did I do to deserve this? As many girls know, guys are notorious for hiding their feelings and putting up walls.

Sometimes, when girls reach out and try to connect on an emotional level with their guys, they find a cold exterior waiting. But does your guy become distant when you try to connect? Obviously, in any healthy relationship, you're going to spending some time over at his house - if of course, he's not always hanging out at your place.

If so, it's interesting to note when he wants you to leave. Is it right after you two become physically intimate?

Some guys are just homebodies, and there's Does he want me to be his girlfriend quiz wrong with that. Some women will even agree that staying in for the night is sometimes a lot better than going out.

It's a real sign if he does Most girls want their man to show a little affection in public.

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That doesn't necessarily mean they want to be smothered in kisses or groped, but things like holding hands and hugs are always nice. But does your man do this in public?

Have you ever called your boyfriend, and when he picks up his tone of voice is totally different than what you're used to? He might talk to you as if you're a guy friend, or a business associate.

What does this mean? Has this ever happened to you? There's actually a few different weird things that can happen when you call a guy, and some can be serious signs of bad things in your relationship. For instance, when you call him, does he hang up quickly, keeping the conversation short and to the point? Or does he have long convos? We all know that our phones are our personal space, and it's not unreasonable to be protective over our phones.

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But for people in relationships, we're supposed to be very open about things like that. Is your boyfriend very protective about his phone? No girl likes to hear that date plans have been cancelled, but sometimes it happens.

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Unforeseen things pop up, and you have to role with it. But the real trouble starts when a guy starts cancelling all the time. Does your guy do this a lot? Guys aren't the only ones who can be spontaneous. Sometimes girls get an urge to see their man right away, and they'll call them up completely out of the blue. Some guys love it, but often guys will refuse.