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Let me start by saying I am a fan of technology. I'm happy that my kids are in some ways more fluent than Www kikme pw am when it comes to tech. I like that that my son can change the settings on my iPhone faster than I can search on Google and that my daughter can navigate our complicated remote with ease. It gives me faith that they will be prepared and innovators in an ever tech heavy world. And yes, they are privileged to have Www kikme pw devices, but I love their iTouches and that they can FaceTime with grandparents in England, discover new music, do educational games, and yes, even entertain themselves sometimes.

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For those of you who don't know, KIK messenger is a free texting service that crosses platforms iTouch, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, you name it allowing anyone to communicate in a chat, or group chat, even without mobile cell service. While I applaud the app's ability and there are many others like itI don't think they intended the Www kikme pw it would have.

As a trend forecaster, it was interesting to watch the KIK trend spread in my Www kikme pw house.

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In less then a year it went from my year-old son and two or three of his friends occasionally "Kiking" each other to say hi or pass along news, to an explosion among not only his, but my eight-year-old daughters friends. Suddenly KIKing had new meaning, with the ping of a new message arriving at every hour of the day -- and Www kikme pw.

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Kids raced to see who had kiked them and formed multiple user chats with some "In" and others "out". On the positive side, new friendships were formed, as I saw my son reach out beyond his "inner circle" and talk to kids he spends less time with at school. And while some brave parents deleted the app, the rest of Www kikme pw stood by wondering what to do.

She talked about the addiction to texting, and how teen and preteen girls took each text as a sign of validation.

Each text or like or message made them feel "worthy. Www kikme pw time limits were imposed. Devices were confiscated at bedtime and not released until homework was done the next night. But the KIK's were Www kikme pw there, in the background, with my children having as many messages to return when they logged on as I do after a sick day and a constant sense that everyone was kicking without them.

The pleas of my children were just as Rachel Simmons predicted.

My daughter claimed that she was going to be left out of her groups of friends if not let on. My son argued that kiking was more efficient as it took less time then on the phone and he Www kikme pw to KIK then talk.

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I made the rules more stringent, which only gave me the title of "Meanest Mom in the World" at home. But I still didn't delete the app, and still felt paralyzed. The panel was comprised of Attorney General Kamala Harris, Jim Steyer, founder of the online advocacy group Common Sense Media, Mandeep Singh Dhillon, creator of a social network for children and parents called Togetherville; and moderated by Willow Bay, among other impressive credentials Www kikme pw, the Huffington Post senior editor.

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Mind you no one mentioned KIK. Texting barely came up. The panel focused on privacy, legislation, and some strategies. And each of the panelists made strong points. But the one I took away most was made by Willow Bay, who was moderating, not even a said "expert", but also a mom.

Her point was this. Reach out to the to the parents. Help monitor each other.