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Ex is dating someone who looks like me

Sexy Video Ex is dating someone who looks like me.
That is happening to me...

You were selected because he likes how you look. There are definitely other things he likes about you, like personality, intelligence, wit, earning potential… but he finds out about those AFTER he sees you. This is the first reason it makes perfect sense why you look like his ex. It would be much faster for him to get a different chick that looks the way she used to look than to put her on a diet or wait for her hair to grow back.

Just get another bar. If his relationship ended Ex is dating someone who looks like me SHE bounced on him because of his, er. If they broke up because of personality clashes, he might be looking to upgrade to the same chick, visually, but without the character flaws. Then again, being around a gal that reminds him of his ex could easily trigger flashbacks for him to jacked-up situations that occurred between them. Another interesting issue is familiarity. It felt like a prequel, haha like how X-Men Origins: Wolverine was supposed to be before X-Men, but was actually filmed 9 years later.

I think this is a rather interesting form of Transference:.

It would be beneficial if the displaced feelings due to similar looks created an environment where he was more willing to listen to what she had to say and find out about who SHE really is as an individual. If he then selected her on her own merits and started dating her, she lucked out that she got a foot in the door. I mean, the only thing better than a hawt chick is….

I also would be scared to death to run into an ex with a girl that looks exactly like her. Historically, my most successful name has been Christine. You could win with it or lose with it. It gets even worse if you whip Ex is dating someone who looks like me your. Of course I guess the version directed by Bill Cammack would have an ensemble cast of about eight chicks who all have the same name and the same curves…or not.

That bit at the end of parallel, I had to read it twice because I was laughing too hard to get it right the first time. Anyone who reads your blog even semi-regularly knows how you roll, no explanations necessary about the gray area that could be considered simultaneous.

The key is the look that is what hits it for that girl or guy.

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I know a girl who only dates nerdy looking guys. Girls definitely have a type.

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With females, looks are more like a blanket prerequisite… Assuming the goal is mutual attraction and not Sugar-Daddyism. There are lots of people with no soul whatsoever, so chicks can definitely get credit for having lower quality looks but being really worthwhile to spend time with.

On the contrary, I've also,...

I had this happen just the Ex is dating someone who looks like me day. Even though I would have walked her home anywaythere was something she wanted me to see at her crib. However, I saw her plan from the giddyap and merely rolled with it because I was down with her program.

What does that mean? In general, I would think that it means that they perceive you as bringing something superior to the table, intellectually or personality-wise. Depending on how you see it, you also get a slight bonus for this because he could be seeing you as his one shot at dating someone of your physical type and enjoying it.

The question becomes whether your interactions result in him seeing you as an individual instead of a needle in a haystack. Hi Bill, This was a really great article and really true man. I notice it when my buddies get divorced and marry someone that looks just like a younger version of their ex-wife. Or, maybe, serial looks hookups.

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If her type is blond, over 6 feet tall and making at least six figures per year, there are still lots of potential physical feature permutations. Today my bf and I were waiting for our food to arrive in a restaurant. Meanwhile he was gazing at me with such a smile on his face. And all of the sudden he said you look exactly like he mentioned the name of a girl he used to have crush on I didnt give him any reaction to that.

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Then he said your lips are also just like hers. Finnaly I said, are you going to compare every physical feauture of mine with her. What is that suppose to mean! That joke would definately cheer any gf up. And that now apparently his love is combined with me i. Does that even make any sense. He just said that thing on phone cause maybe he realised that it was inappropriate to say such a thing to me. Well, first of all I found this article extremely honest.

Kudos for your clear and cleverly considered opinion. So, I was 15 and this friend I worked with was Not a big deal back then. I liked him but ended up marrying a boyfriend of mine at I moved away for quite a long time.

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When, I got divorced and moved back, I bump into said guy friend. And, for the record, I also have a type. With me it seems like big and tough, great smile, funny, honest,loyal and hard working. Well, at some point he got divorced. He had a distant relationship. We went out on and off sorta as friends. So, it fizzled out after a few months. Just as friends I guess.

However, I see this chick. She looks so much like me but a few years younger. I admit it freaked me out at first. But, I really feel rather flattered. This lady could seriously be my sister! This is just the thing.