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IAmA guy that hasn't pooped in the month of August yet. Ask me anything about my extreme constipation. I have gained 11 pounds during this entire ordeal.

I've tried everything from coffee enemas to stretching. My doctor now has me on 4 different medications and I am about to do 2 different types of Enemas. He swears I shall see something pass today. For the first time in a long while I do actually feel something going on in my lower stomach. My doctor warned, with extreme constipation of this sort, I may actually rip my anus from the impacted poop. This has forced me to take muscle relaxers and actually have to apply Vaseline to my anus twice a day.

I will keep you updated, and for you Reddit, if I release this beast, I promise to take pictures. That is if you want me to. My doctor guesses this will weigh close to 6 pounds!

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So buckle up and pray for my butthole. This is the first time this has happened to me.

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I've gone 7 Native american girl anal sex gif before, but nothing like this. I've had night sweats for the last week. It's gone to far, today I dont care if I rip my anus, I'm going to go to the damn bathroom! I'll also take stomach bloat pic as requested. Going to go to a 24 hour clinic, I'll report back when I get home. It's cramping again and I can barely stand up. Thanks for your support. Meanwhile you have my girlfriend rather worried about our doctor of 3 years.

Here's attempt number 1 for trying to get it out after the enema. Warning that this is graphic: Final update for a while guys. I'm posting this from the hospital. There are doctors and nurses wearing what looks like very expendable clothing. The doctor tells me there will be a manual retrieval that should have happened days ago.

I know that you guys aren't the praying type but I need some sort of God on my side right now. I'd say that I'm scared shitless and I think that's a pretty accurate statement. Updates as soon as humanly possible.

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Reddit, I'm scared now. I went in to the hospital and had a rather unpleasant experience.

All AMAs require proof.

They gave me a drug called 'golytely' and some other mild sedatives that basically allowed my ass to loosen up enough to where a nurse male could get his claw mouse grip into my asshole Manual Disimpaction and rip out what felt like a sword. In reality, the clog was about twice the size of a golfball. I really did ask if I could take a picture of it, but they just laughed it off and took it away.

On a bright note, I asked if that was all that was coming.

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He laughed and said I was in for a grand finale after my next enema. I am too exhausted to even thinking about taking on that chore tonight.

Me and my asshole are currently not on speaking terms.