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From flab to fit

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Take a look at how...

The therapeutic effect of zoloft is manifested in the mood improvement, removal of phobia, anxious conditions, lowering of sadness felling, and poor appetite. In case of trichomoniasis men and women are prescribed 1 pill of Flagyl mg 2 times per day in the morning and evening within 10 days. Or, 1 pill of Flagyl 2g may be used once. Three months ago, I decided to take on a massive personal challenge to get into fitness model shape in 90 days From flab to fit here are the results in picture form:.

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More importantly, I From flab to fit it inspires you to make some kind of change or try something that you have always wanted to try. Maybe it is a personal transformation you are looking to make. Or maybe it is a business transformation. Whatever it might be, I think you will find a lot of insights and ideas from my story.

Fitness and nutrition with me has been an ongoing battle since high school. I was chubby my freshman-junior year of high school not that there is ever a great time to be overweight, but I can certainly tell you this is not a good one and on my own lost weight and got into pretty darn awesome shape.

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Then college hit and my fitness level went in and out. Some years it was great. And I have to tell you, while The Rise To The Top rocks my socks, it can also not-be-so-awesome to sit in front of a computer all day check out this cartoon from The Oatmeal for a giggle. I From flab to fit going to the gym. And I was in denial as well. This was carrying over to other aspects of my life a bit. I felt lethargic and sometimes a bit snippy. I wanted something I could maintain.

From fat to fit, these...

A massive reprogramming and overhaul. No crash dieting or weird fads. Funny thing, is Rob was one of my favorite former guests on the show along with his wife Kim who is a rock star bikini model and nutrition extraordinaire among many other things.

I shot him this email:.

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From flab to fit Hope all is rocking. I work out 6 days a week 2 days boxing with a trainer, 4 on my ownI watch what I eat, etc. Any advice as to getting a bit more help? Dude, do you know how many emails I get like this probably as many as you get asking what kind of video and mic set up do you have!: Because of this we are creating a product called Jet Set Body.

From Flab to Fit: How...

In fact we are From flab to fit the videos for it in South Beach next week. The program answers most of what you asked. I would love to share the program with you. What made the incredible change for me was making the commitment to get on stage in a Speedo and be judged see pic attached.

It was that pressure that made it real and I changed! Would you be willing to apply some pressure on yourself? If your into it we can start on the first of the month? Now, do we need to do all this. NO…but I promise if you put yourself on the line you will deliver in a big way! I said I was in and the journey began.

I wanted to get in ridiculously awesome shape in 90 days and then stay in that awesome shape. And because I knew the shape they were in, I knew they knew what they were doing. Proof was in their own pudding. Immediately, I was out of my comfort zone with the workouts and that was a good thing.

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From flab to fit doing the program, I would just sort of casually lift weights often doing the same exercises over and over, the same reps, etc. Rinse, wash, repeat, few results. The workouts were super challenging and changed up all the time but were consistently 4 times per week for about 1 hour to 1: And then, I had to essentially learn the way fitness models workout.

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I took all the workouts and put them on my iPhone and brought it to the gym and opened in iBooks. Avoids carrying around paper or something.

The goal of this program was not to become a some kind of roided silverback gorilla, it is to become lean and strong. So, I had to learn a lot of ways to improve my weightlifting form. This meant, not focusing on huge From flab to fit but instead focusing on how the weights work and looking for weak muscles as opposed to using strong muscles over and over again.

Take a look at how...

What was cool about the program, especially for a visual person like me is they have special videos of every exercise done by a fitness model under their supervision. Certain philosophies became embedded in my brain thanks Rob including to focus on shaky muscles which means, NOT to From flab to fit when your body starts shaking from the weights but stay in it.

Reason is our body is lazy and tries to use muscles that are already strong. Shaky muscles are weak and if you stay in them, they will stop shaking in a couple of weeks.

Another philosophy was focusing on your entire body for every exercise and not just what you are working on at the moment. This From flab to fit always great posture, keeping abs tight and exploding through the movement. And, as weird as it sounds, a big component of the program was flexing.

Seems random, but made a big difference as your body learns to control itself. If what they did worked, everyone would look like a super model.

The cardio program was actually very light and varied month to month, but was From flab to fit just a couple of times a week for mins. If that made you drop your mouth, I was surprised too. I varied it up between elliptical, a bit of running and every Wednesday boxing with Matt Brown my boxing coach.

Sessions varied from steady state same pace the entire time to intervals switching up intensity every few minutes and focusing on heart rate as opposed to other metrics like calories. The key to any fitness lifestyle. You can never outwork a bad diet.

Now, here is my story with nutrition. I used to to be the guy who would eat brown rice healthy yay!

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