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Fetish interest worksheet

XXX pics Fetish interest worksheet.
Sexuality in general, or combined...

Activity checklists as conversation starters between partners and people who are getting to know each other. Erotic desires, interests, possibilities and limits. Sexuality in general, or combined with kink, fetishes, roleplay…. A sexual inventory stocklist.

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Extensive checklist for sex in general. You can either just read through it online, using it as a mental self-evaluation tool or talking with a partner as you both scroll through it.

Or, you can print it out using the PDF file or the printer-friendly version and fill it in by hand. The Scarleteen Sex Readiness Checklist.

Becca Brewer, Smart Hot Fun.

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I have a few different charts you can use, either solo or with your partner. Click the links to download.

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Do you have kinky stuff on your mind that you hesitate to reveal to your partner? Do you have a fetish and you wonder if your partner would accept it or not?

Sexionnaire is here for you. Interactive online sex questionnaire for two people. Mojo Upgrade presents a list of sexual fantasies to both partners separately and has them indicate their level of interest. Checklists with BDSM activities.