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Bikini for hourglass figure

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Pear-shape, hourglass, inverted trapezoid -- Bikini for hourglass figure can't even keep track of the ways people are categorizing womens' bodies anymore. When you're at the mall, do you ever say, "Ugh I can't wear this top because I'm apple-shaped"?

While the outdated body categories frustrate us on a regular basis, they become even more annoying when swimsuit shopping -- a task that is difficult enough without us having to figure out if we're banana-shaped or not.

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Since we, as fashion editors, couldn't decipher our "body shapes" we figured most of the female population must be having the same problem as well. To help everyone out, we decided to come up with a guide to bathing suit shopping using language we actually Bikini for hourglass figure when we talk about ourselves.

Whether you want to conceal cellulite, hide back fat or provide enough support for the girls, we've got a suit for you.

Finding a suit that flatters your bust can be a challenge. The best bet for a gal with a smaller chest is to go for a top with embellishments or ruffles to give the illusion of a larger chest. Alternatively, a suit with padding can help to give you a little somthin' somethin' extra. For the girls with big girls, string bikinis are not your friend, nor are bathing suit tops that come in size S, M and L. Cup Bikini for hourglass figure and underwire will offer you the support you need so your boobs won't be all over the place when you take a dip.

Also look for thicker bathing suit straps and double-stitched bands for the most flattering results. First, opt for a solid colored suit with printed panels along the side.

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This will help create the look of an hourglass figure, thus evening out a boxy upper body. You can also rock an asymmetrical neckline, which will draw the eye up and away, instead of straight across. This is another time when frills and ruching come in handy, as they give the illusion of a bigger behind.

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Opt for bottoms in bright colors and loud prints to try and distract from a flatter tush. Also, showing a little cheek is preferably to full-coverage bottoms. So beyond avoiding Brazilian and other skimpy cut swimsuits, you should look for designs with solid bottoms and printed tops -- which will help balance out your big booty.

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The goal here is to give the illusion of more curves, which is easily done with a top with cups, padding and gathering, and by picking girlie prints and bright colors. Don't go for straight-across bandeaus, boy-cut briefs or shapeless full-pieces, as this will only enhance your athletic figure. Oh, how we love to hate our Love Handles. But fighting the bulge is easier than you think.

A high-waisted bottom works wonders -- just make sure it extends above your belly button to prevent a muffin top. The trick to elongating a short torso is adding length and Bikini for hourglass figure the bustline.

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Low-rise bottoms make your torso appear longer and halter straps draw attention to your neck and shoulders, making people skim over your short mid-section. The last thing you want is a suit with thin straps that will dig into your skin and make those dreaded flesh folds even more pronounced.

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So reach for designs with thicker straps and high backs to smooth any lumps and bumps. If you want to elongate shorter legs, go for suits with high cuts in the leg a la Kelly Kapowski.