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I arrive at Divas at a quarter to midnight, and the pickings are slim as ever: Oh, fuck you so much.

A little while later, a beautiful cis femme walks in. I take my name off the list for the Talent Show, then make my move: Somewhere in the world, a bolt of lightning shoots down from a clear blue sky.

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She starts it, and I follow her lead. Ryder then asks the question which has been implied from the start, but needs to be spoken aloud.

But think about those numbers.

There ar e more out transgender elected officials in the U. An excellent metaphor for transgender visibility is that Divas only appears on Google Maps if you actively search for it. Conceptually, Divas evolved from a single-story bar called the Motherlode at the northwest corner of Post and Larkin.

Physically, Divas is a four-story letterbox with the main bar on the first floor, a dancefloor on the third, and a cozy lounge on the fourth. Formerly a kitchen, the second story is used for storage.

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Concrete Sub-station to Cocktail Lounge — Post. She lost that, too. It represents whatever evil you need it to, whether urban blight or gentrification.

Studying my reflection is no longer the engrossing activity it once was, and for that I am grateful. Was it my old friend Lilah, returned from New York? I stand and edge closer to the door.

Someone else goes in, and I peek through as the door closes.

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The Next Generation goes into more detail on this topic — and my biggest hero was Kelly Michaels. A trashy, gum-snapping Southerner with a serious Madonna fixation, Michaels had a distinct persona and attitude in her movies, young and energetic and alive. But Michaels was on a different plane, with her own bleached-blonde hair — no wig! Kelly Michaels the Madonna impersonator was the same Kelly Michaels as the porn star. I geek out all over her: She orders a white wine, and as I get the money out of my wallet, I realize my hands are shaking with adrenaline.

Kelly Michaels and Sherilyn Connelly side by side, cutting a laminate rug. No picture will be taken of this personally historic occasion, Trannies on bush street san francisco I burn it into my retinal memory.

The history of Divas is nec essarily also a history of how trans women and trans issues have been discussed in the media. Shame on us back then.

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Joseph Jurkans and Mark Gilpin purchased it in with the intention of opening a gay bar, but the Motherlode Trannies on bush street san francisco outgrowing its Post and Larkin location upon the closure of the infamously rough Black Rose at Eddy and Jones streets.

An attempt in to move to Sutter St. Remember the Guardian Angels? They lodged the same objection during the unsuccessful move. In other words, the big strong men in their jaunty berets were pulling a straight-up NIMBY move that surely had nothing to do with their masculinity being threatened.

We then go to Divas, where we drink and dance and improbably find a space to lay back and cuddle. I ask if I may kiss her, and she says yes.

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It is a good evening. InDivas finally moved into Post St. Current owner Steve Berkey bought it so his wife Melissa — whom he met while she was a Motherlode Girl — would have somewhere safe to tend bar. To afford the space, he sold off the other properties he owned across the country. Dragon is still listed on the gold plaque in front of the building, much like how the inoperative Motherlode sign is still behind the bar.

I look in the big binder and confirm that I got it right: The host refuses when I try to Trannies on bush street san francisco them the number in the binder, instead handing me the slip and telling me to get it right this time.

The host is having none of it, and gets even angrier when I try to put the paper back on the rings: I sing my song swallow it down, what a jagged little pill and beat a hasty retreat.

I have to stop and turn back to answer her question! It is a bad evening. Lots of fuck-yeahs going on from the boys, and some debate the provenance of this terrible recording, which only I seem to have Soundhounded.