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Looking for online sugar baby

New xXx Video Looking for online sugar baby.
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The first thing I need you to understand is that the internet has changed things. I first started as a sugar baby over 10 years ago, and the environment for online-only sugaring was far different than it is today, primarily because the bandwidth capacity of the internet was a fraction of what it currently is. The quality of video calls was horrible, so it was difficult to really connect with people in an intimate way online.

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This made it way too difficult to find sugar daddies that only wanted online companionship, so becoming a sugar baby usually meant that there would have to be some kind of in-person component to the arrangement. I can say from personal experience that the best site to use for this purpose is Chaturbate.

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Done correctly, you can use this method to get more online sugar daddies than you will possibly know what to do with. Now, the first thing you need to be concerned about as you become an online sugar baby is your image. Not just any kind of girl can attract the really wealthy sugar daddies — it takes a special kind of appeal.

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All you really need is an air of unattainability. Believe it or not, this is more about attitude than it is about looks. Those are two totally different things.

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I remember when I first went on cam…I was nervous as could be! But I kept remembering the advice my cam model girlfriend gave me.

When I realized that I was standing firmly on ground I, and I alone, controlled, it became so easy to find my confidence. I did my makeup real super glam, my hair was perfect, and I was wearing my best outfits during every camming session.

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I began attracting wealthy members into my room, and many of them were soon tipping me large amounts regularly. My projected confidence and haughty demeanor were doing all the work for me!