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Fantasy female armor meme

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Rainbow Mika, a fighter not seen since Street Fighter Alpha 3 way back in , was just announced as a returning character in Street Fighter V , and needless to say, her outfit is However, we couldn't help but think of other examples of outfits in video games that might necessitate a bit more protection. Download Cheezburger App for Free. Android App on Google Play. Available in the App Store. Toggle Navigation Video Games. Harley Quinn, Arkham Knight. Once a respectable psychiatrist, Harley Quinn is now certifiably nutso, and her outlandish garb that looks like it came straight out of Alice in Wonderland's nightmares does an admirable job reflecting that fact.

Okay, okay, so Morrigan is a succubus, which, in Judeo-Christian forklore, is a female demon specifically meant to seduce men to their deaths. Erotica


Am i just crazy? The Repair Her Armor Tumblr recently put together a list of thirteen types of ridiculous female armor you come to expect in MMORPGs—the. It's horribly impractical for ladies to wear bikini armor while leaving their midsections exposed or is it? Artist Stjepan Sejic reveals the "truth" behind ha..

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Fantasy armor has a long and noble tradition of awesomeness and lively debates. Many kind of fantastic armor, such as sexy bear skin speedos, chain mail bikinis, massive codpieces, ridiculously massive suits of plate mail, armor made of gold or even gems, and other overly elaborate forms of armor are all standard equipment for adventuring parties. Most agree that even the most over-the-top armor designs aren't a huge problem for anything other than historically accurate settings, and in terms of the crunch it simply doesn't matter, as the stats and the design do not need to be linked in any way - after all, the key word is "fantasy".

As you may see with the images to the side, fantasy doesn't need its armor to be logically sound. Due to this, armor design is usually done more to appease the eye than the mind. Thus, armor design and usage that tends to be over-the-top usually leans on the following styles:. The character is so excessively armored with large pieces of armor that you must wonder how they can even walk unassisted without falling over.

Issues such as avoiding heatstroke and being unable to go to the toilet in that armor are usually sidestepped in fiction irl these two downsides were often part of the price of wearing this much armor , but then those issues are almost never addressed in fiction anyway.

Not an armor type, so much as a lack thereof. Characters in this style typically wear just enough to keep them from being classified as naked think "Red Sonja" and you'll get the idea. The average magic user is a good example of this, given that the traditional wizard robes are just natural fiber clothing and aren't usually much better in terms of their protective value enchantments and other forms of magical protection notwithstanding.

It should be noted that the "almost naked female armor" is not actually as common as one might expect. The worst offenders are usually fantasy pinups and JRPGs and in the latter case, often applies to both men and women ; for tabletop RPGs and most videogames, they're actually somewhat uncommon in recent years in part due to the backlash.

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  • Female Armor in action. "Realism" in medieval fantasy for women means Sansa Stark. Reply...
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Fantasy female armor meme

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  • Fantasy Armor - 1d4chan
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Fantasy Armor

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