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Superman vs captain marvel

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Most master combatants can tell you this: Things like experience and on-the-fly craftiness matter, even in the face of an opponent stronger than you.

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Known to the world as Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers served her country and the world long before she had super powers. Not in the way that the X-Man Rogue can, by touching people and draining them of their life force, but Carol can absorb nearly Superman vs captain marvel type of energy directed at her.

Superman is oftentimes keen on using heat vision to burn his enemies, but no matter the intensity, Carol could absorb everything Superman unleashes.

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One of things that makes the superhero Spider-Man so formidable is his spider-sense. Capable of warning him about incoming danger, it makes him nearly impossible to hit. Captain Marvel has her Seventh Sense, which works in a similar way. Against a foe like Superman, Carol will need every ability she can get. Since then, Carol found a group of friends to call her family, aside from the X-Men. Taking on every villain that came their way, large or small, Carol Danvers never backed down.

Following that fight, the Avengers dogpiled on Superman and knocked him out cold. The same would apply here, Carol Superman vs captain marvel call for help if she needs to and hold off Superman until her friends arrive. Carol learned this sobering lesson when the Avengers confronted her about Superman vs captain marvel alcoholism. Years later, after she joined Alpha Flight, Carol created the Ultimates.

Even if Batman and friends get involved, Spectrum alone can destroy a planet, Blue Marvel is pretty much Superman already and Ms. America is on the team only so she can take down her teammates if they go too far.

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Suffice to say, they can beat the Last Son of Krypton. Her strength level is practically incalculable in the Binary form and her array of attacks becomes far stronger; she Superman vs captain marvel a wider arrange of abilities too. When Captain Marvel becomes Binary, her power is linked to an interstellar white hole and is endowed with the ability to generate light, heat, radiation and nearly every other form of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Fighting Superman is nearly always a zero-sum situation, especially if your plan is to take him head-on. If your plan is to strategize and Superman vs captain marvel around him, looking for openings, ducking, weaving and striking quickly, you might have something there. Superman might have a couple martial arts up his sleeve, but his fighting style simply does not emphasize those abilities -- at the end of the day he relies more on his powers.

Not all battles Superman vs captain marvel be fought with fisticuffs. In the face of someone like Lois Lane, Clark totally admits she outclasses him in journalism. Carol is no slouch in the writing department either. Even before she received her Captain Marvel powers, Carol was a talented journalist, a freelance writer and a magazine editor.

As for Clark Kent? Put the two heroes in the ring and have them battle with words, rather than punches, and Danvers will likely be getting the Pulitzer, not Clark. At his current levels, Galactus is too powerful for mortals to challenge.

Before she possessed super powers or even considered them, Carol joined the Air Force and quickly rose to the rank of Colonel; her skills were more than exemplary and earned her notice of the CIA.

They actively recruited and trained her to become a field agent. She was very good at her job. Able to break into highly secure bases with nothing but her wits. If she applied herself, Carol could easily connect the dots between Clark Superman vs captain marvel and Superman.

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What better way to leave a fellow superhero up the creek than by revealing their secret identity? In addition to sensing and acting on incoming attacks, Captain Marvel also has something called Cosmic Awareness. She can visually perceive varying types of energy patters and is immediately aware of any disruptions in space. Information, as Batman would probably tell you, is the key to victory.

Intergalactic threats are a real problem in comic books. To combat such potential dangers, organizations were developed to act as defensive measures, defending the Earth as the first line of defense. In Marvel Comics, Alpha Flight is that group. With a satellite base standing guard over the planet, Carol and her Alpha Flight teammates, which so happens to include Quasar, the Protector of the Universe, try and have contingencies for every potential alien threat.

By now, it should be more than abundantly clear that Captain Marvel is insanely powerful. Already boasting an incredible assortment of abilities, Carol Danvers seems to have nearly as many as Superman. While she might not Superman vs captain marvel heat vision or arctic breath, she can control gravity.

Yet in a fight, a few seconds means all the difference between victory and defeat. Keeping the Man of Superman vs captain marvel pinned for a couple seconds gives her enough time to blast him with some red sun radiation or kryptonite. Few opponents have the means to hurt him, much less defeat him.

One of those weaknesses is red sun radiation. Even though getting exposed to red sunlight might not physically hurt Superman, it robs him of his powers and makes him no more powerful than the average dude. As Binary, Carol is a beast.

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