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Rocky vs rambo

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Which is the Better Series? I've just watched the first 3 Rambo movies for the first time.

Rocky Vs Rambo

I like them, but I think the Rocky series is better. I'll say Rocky as well Top Films of 40s.

19 hours ago "Rocky" and...

Both series started very strong and finished weak. But I'll say Rocky.

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In the first Rocky movie, the boxing is just the gimmick the movie offers, but it's really a romance from the guy's point of view, which is nice.

Adrian's situation, before Rocky came along kind of kept her down, boxed-in Rocky vs rambo. But when she finally lets Rocky "seduce" her, she comes out of her shell and becomes a fully-realized person, after that.

And it's done in a cool way. The rest of the Rocky movies are all about Stallion and it was smart to do that.

With his many action roles...

Sly wasn't going to get to have that again, he had to put the focus back on Rocky. The Rocky vs rambo pictures are all about him, though, so as the sequels decline, it's actually kind of worse, because the very thing we're watching it for is what's making it inferior.

The Rocky series by a mile, but my favorite single movie of the lot is First Blood. Have to say Rocky.

They are more human stories that you can relate to. I agree with OP.

Rocky has an inspirational side which Rambo clearly lacks. In Rambo are too much politics.

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But First blood - good movie. I think the Rocky series is better too I just find Rocky a more realistic character that I could relate to as opposed to John Rambo.

With his many action roles...

Top Films of 50s. Top Films of 60s.

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Originally Posted by cricket. Originally Posted by Cinepinions.

Tools Show Printable Version. Around a year ago, a few friends and I watched all four Rambo movies in one day.

Around a year ago, a...

We got to talking about how much fun it would be if John. With his many action roles of the 80s and 90s, it’s hard to believe that his career began with the Oscar winning Rocky. Rocky is a American sports drama film directed by John G.

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