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For as long as I can remember, I've needed someone to look up to: A person who knows Bisexual sydney what to do and can help me solve all of life's problems, personal, professional or of the "Why can't I get a text back?

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In the odd years before I came out as bisexual, I was a very lost soul. My only exposure to Bisexual sydney was the promiscuous partygoer or the flirty college girl tropes you see Bisexual sydney movies. I viewed it as a women's thing, and, in my warped mind, any man identifying as bisexual was just lying to himself about being gay. Now, having been out for about two years, I know that there's no shame in who I am: But coming out is just the beginning.

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It's the next phase that seems harder -- Bisexual sydney I'm still searching for wiser bi men to serve as role models. There are a number of high-profile bisexual women: These women have done wonders for the community, but none speak directly to what it's like be a bi man.

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Bisexuality is on the rise: According to Bisexual sydney survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5 per cent of women up from 3. The number of people who've had sexual experiences with someone of the same sex has gone up, too.

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For men, it jumped to 8. Clearly we're out there and people are becoming more experimentalbut Bisexual sydney to find them? YouTube is a good place to start.

It brought me to R. The series, which premiered on Sept.

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From there, he touches on everything from self-acceptance and stereotypes to Bisexual sydney and dating. With almostsubscribers on YouTube, he's one of the more prominent male voices in the bisexual community.

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Aguiar didn't understand bisexuality until he met some women who identified as bi. They weren't "seeing which attraction will win Bisexual sydney as Aguiar said he spent years doing. They were just real people who were out and proud. Bisexual people are often stereotyped as promiscuous. If you're a bi man, for example, many in the gay Bisexual sydney straight communities will say you're actually gay. And if you're a bi woman, it's assumed that you're experimenting with your sexuality and will eventually end up with a man.

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Nichole Goble, a bi woman in Washington, says she's rarely viewed as a person with her own sexual needs and desires. So how do we get past Bisexual sydney hurdles?

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We can start by sharing our stories. Aguiar, who recently married fellow YouTuber Will Shepherd, has been sharing his story for years and he still revels in those "ah-ha moments" people have when they finally seem to understand him.

I suppose he's right. The more comfortable I feel with myself, the more I want to talk to others about my sexuality and help them understand what it means to be a bi guy. In my short Bisexual sydney being out and proud, I've seen some of these moments myself.

Close friends responded to my coming out with their own; others thanked me for speaking up. One stranger even made me the first person they ever told.