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At the time, the words were considered highly inappropriate and unsuitable for broadcast on the public airwaves in the United Stateswhether radio or television. As such, they were avoided in scripted material, and bleep censored in the rare cases in which they were used.

Broadcast standards differ in different parts of the world, then and now, although most of the words on Carlin's original list remain taboo on American broadcast television. The list was not an official enumeration of forbidden words, but rather was compiled by Carlin.

Nonetheless, a radio broadcast featuring these words led to a U. Supreme Court decision in FCC v.

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Pacifica Foundation that helped define the extent to which the federal government could regulate speech on broadcast television and radio in the United States.

During one of Lenny Bruce 's performances inhe said he was arrested for saying nine words, and says them in alphabetical order: InGeorge Carlin released an album of stand-up comedy entitled Class Clown. One track on the album was "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television," a monologue in which he identified these words, expressing amazement that these particular words could not be used, regardless of context. Piss and shit movies

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I don't know that there was a 'Eureka! Where you Piss and shit movies cannot pin down what these rules they want to enforce are. It's just impossible to say 'this is a blanket rule: You'll see some newspapers print 'f blank blank k'. Some print 'f asterisk asterisk k'. Some blank-- Some put 'f blank blank blank'.

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Some put the word 'bleep'. It's not a science. It's a notion that they have and it's superstitious. These words have no power. We give them this power by refusing to be free and easy with them.

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We give them great power over us. They really, in themselves, have no power. It's the thrust of the sentence that makes them either good or bad. He was arrested for disturbing the peace when he performed the routine at a show at Summerfest in Milwaukee in On his next album, 's Occupation: FooleCarlin performed a similar routine titled "Filthy Words," dealing with the same list and many of the same themes.

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John Douglas, an active member of Morality in Mediaclaimed that he heard the WBAI broadcast while driving with his then year-old son and complained to the Federal Communications Commission FCC that the material was inappropriate for the time of day approximately 2: Following the lodging of the complaint, the FCC proceeded to ask Pacifica for a response, then issued a declaratory order upholding the complaint.

No specific sanctions were included in the order, but WBAI was put on notice that "in the event subsequent complaints are received, the Commission will then decide whether it should utilize any of the available sanctions it has been granted by Congress. As an independent federal agency, the FCC filed the appeal in its own name. The United States Department of Justice intervened in the case, supporting Pacifica's argument that the FCC's declaratory ruling violated the First Amendment and Piss and shit movies it also violated the Fifth Amendment in that the FCC's definition of "indecency" was too vague to support criminal penalties.

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In the Supreme Court, in a 5—4 decision, ruled that the FCC's declaratory ruling did not violate either the First or Fifth Amendments, but Piss and shit movies so ruling it limited the scope of its ruling to the specific broadcast that gave rise to the declaratory ruling and declined to consider whether the FCC's definition of indecency would survive a First Amendment challenge if applied to the broadcast of other material containing the same or similar words which had been cited in Pacifica's brief e.

It noted that while the declaratory ruling pertained to the meaning Piss and shit movies the term indecency as used in a criminal statute 18 USCsince the FCC had not imposed any penalty on Pacifica for the broadcast of words that came within the FCC's definition of "indecent", it did not need to reach the question as to whether the definition was too vague to satisfy the due process requirements of the Fifth Amendment.

This decision formally established indecency regulation in American broadcasting.

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In follow-up rulings, the Supreme Court established the safe harbor provision that grants broadcasters the right to broadcast indecent but not obscene material between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, when it is presumed few children would be watching. The seven dirty words have been assumed Piss and shit movies be likely to elicit indecency-related action by the FCC if uttered on a TV or radio broadcast, and thus the broadcast networks generally censor themselves with regard to many of the seven dirty words.

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The FCC regulations regarding "fleeting" use of expletives were ruled unconstitutionally vague by a three-judge panel of the U. In subsequent routines, Carlin would frequently deconstruct the list, proposing additions or deletions based on audience feedback, or sometimes on his own whims. For example, a man asked him to remove motherfucker because, as a derivative of fuckit constituted a duplication:.

And I said, 'Hey, motherfuckerhow did you get my phone number, anyway?

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He later added it back, claiming the bit's rhythm does not work without it. Carlin performed the routine many times and included it, in whole or in part on several of his records and HBO specials. Parts or all of the performance appear on the following releases:. That version of the list features over dirty words and phrases in Piss and shit movies effort to stop people telling him that he left something off the list.

Four days after Carlin's original Class Clown recording, the routine was performed again for students at University of California, Los Angeles. This would be months before its first official Piss and shit movies. The recording was restored in December, and uploaded to YouTube by archivists at UCLA and could be accessed free of charge, but is no longer available due to a claim of copyright infringement. Explicit Lyrics and HBO special Doin' It Againboth recordings of the same performance; however, the routine that follows is entirely different.

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