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Augusta singles matchmaking

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The client blew the whistle in our investigation which lead to the company closing its doors. Marilyn Botta came forward after she says she only had one date in a year, and Augusta Singles was no longer answering her calls. She was just one of several clients Augusta singles matchmaking complain to Augusta singles matchmaking Your Side.

On Your Side uncovered the owner, Harvey Luna, had a history of targeting lonely hearts in a matchmaking scheme. The Attorney General of Texas ordered Luna to pay thousands back to clients and banned him from ever operating a dating service in Texas.

Luna opened shop in Augusta while he was being investigated in Texas. Augusta Singles closed shortly after our On Your Side investigation aired, but Botta never expected to see her money again.

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I couldn't believe it actually! You really went out of your way," she said. Botta's credit card company refunded the money for Augusta Singles after taking a look at the documents On Your Side uncovered.

Although Botta is grateful to get her money back, she's more thankful she found the courage to come forward. Botta still working with the Attorney General of Georgia in an active Augusta singles matchmaking investigation into Augusta Singles.

The door to Augusta Singles is locked and the inside is now empty. On Your Side aired an investigation into the matchmaking business two months ago. She Augusta singles matchmaking she only had one date in a year through Augusta Singles. On Your Side investigated and discovered the owner of the company, Harvey Luna is no stranger to the news.

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Three years ago the Attorney General of Texas filed a lawsuit against him for targeting lonely seniors in a matchmaking scam. He also banned him from ever operating a dating service in the Lone Star state again.

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However, Luna opened shop in Augusta just a few months later. She is relieved the door is now closed to Augusta Singles, but still worries people could still fall victim. The Attorney General is asking anyone who has had dealings with Augusta Singles to contact his office at: But, instead of finding love, they said they were left with empty promises and wallets.

Marlyn Botta life doesn't read like a Nicholas Sparks' romance. Botta's own book "Crazy In Lust" is about the demise of her second marriage. The year- old didn't expect find a "Noah" but she did expect to Augusta singles matchmaking a date. It was actually Augusta singles matchmaking by accident," she said. The New Jersey transplant wanted a little help finding a man in Augusta so she checked out a few dating sites online.

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He told her his name was "Dickson" and that he was with Augusta Singles, and that she needed his matchmaking services. He wouldn't stop calling me. I don't even understand how he got my information," she said.

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She doesn't understand how he found her contact information because she never visited www. The site is not even website.

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Although there is a www. Eventually, she caved and agreed to meet with an Augusta Singles Matchmaker. I filled out a lot of forms about my background, my interest and Augusta singles matchmaking I like," Botta said. She said the matchmaker named Adam would not talk money up front. I was a believer already," she said.

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But, she said, she was invested and convinced she might just find Mr. She wrote a check and signed the contract. The contract states, "will attempt to match client Augusta singles matchmaking time per month. They wouldn't answer me. I'd call them and they say they will answer you the very next day but they don't," Botta said.